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The New York Auto Show is coming up and it’ll give some of you ‘mericans the chance to see the coolest tail lamps EVER in person. The BioPower100 concept is coming to US shores and it’ll be used by SaabUSA to further the conversation about BioPower and environmentally friendly fuels in general.


Whilst SaabUSA are adamant that BioPower will come to the US market they haven’t said when yet. Currently there’s two-and-a-half obstacles to this. One of these is beyond Saab’s control and the other 1.5 aren’t. Two of them are acknowledged by SaabUSA and the 0.5 is my own observation.

1) The lack of E85 availability in Saab’s traditional US markets.

2) The fact that BioPower vehicles haven’t been compliance tested for US regulations yet.

2.5) The apparent contradiction between BFJ and BioPower. Jets are mega-cool but they ain’t that environmentally friendly. In Europe, where BioPower is already sold in some markets, they do use some vapour trail TV ads but in amny of them they still use the slogan “move your mind”.


1985Gripen has done a little research into point (1) in the table above and come up with an analysis of where E85 stations are located in the US. he’s actually covered all states, but I’ll post the most relevant part here.

Click to enlarge.


Amongst Saab’s tradionally stronger sales areas, there’s a gaping hole in E85 availability in the Northeast US and in California. This has got to be of concern for Saab USA.


Point (2) would tend to indicate to me that the US market shouldn’t expect BioPower prior to next year. This testing business can be time consuming and if it hasn’t started yet (which to my understand, it hasn’t) then it ain’t going to be completed for some time.


Point (3), as mentioned, is my own observation. One of the big critiques of Al Gore is that he flies from place to place to publicise his Inconvenient Truth campaign. Critics of the greener vehicle movement may also point at Saab for the same thing if they run dual campaigns on jet heritage and environmental friendliness.

Sounds petty, I know. But some of these people will look for any angle.


And from the “reasons why the 9-1 can’t get here fast enough” file…..

The number of British car buyers looking for a “green” car has tripled from 6% of car buyers to 20% in the last 12 months. Whilst the article concerned doesn’t define what a “green” car is, the number is significant and warrants some urgency in getting a smaller car with perhaps a HOT 1.5 litre BioPower engine and a diesel option to the marketplace.

With such growth in demand for greener vehicles in the UK it’s no small wonder that Saab GB is rolling out the creepy briefcases and pushing “green” status for the BioPower range there.

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  1. How hard could it be for GM and SAAB to get the Bio-Power here in the US? GM already has E85 flex-fuel trucks and cars on the road (i.e. Avalanche, Silverado, Silverado Classic, Suburban, Tahoe trucks, Express, Uplander vans, and Impala, Monte Carlo cars.) I would love the have a flex-fuel Saab right now so I could start demanding E85 accessibility.

  2. The cacaphony of the bandwagon is deafening. The “new” E85 fuel is unavailable, untested, burning out fuel pumps, getting 75% of the mileage of petrol, not good EROEI…meanwhile we havent heard boo here or anywhere (except for YT) about the other contenders…the 2.2 & 1.9 TiDs…seeing as not only Saab, but Opel/Vaux are selling a ton of these motors in Euro, surely there is some reliability/longevity info out there, no?

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