Even more of that black conv

Auto Express has a few more of those images of the black 9-3 convertible.

We saw this car yesterday and these are photos from the same session, though there’s at least one different view.

The court of public opinion seems to be condemning this look, for the convertible at least, but I’ve got to say I’m still a fan. It looks aggressive and deliberate to me, much like the 99 did in some guises, actually.

I can’t wait to see the final product, and I can’t wait to see the one thing we haven’t seen yet – a sport sedan in this new language.


Thanks Rob!

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  1. I don’t agree that this makeover makes the 9-3 more aggressive. I think the old one looked angry, sharp as a knife and very fast! This new one looks like an exclusive and comfortable cruiser. But I want my Saab to be angry and fast!

  2. I think it will look great…. the only thing is the LED’s lights would look better on top of the light’s than metal… But hope is still not over until we see the final product

  3. The sport sedan is being kept well under wraps, wasn’t there a Saab boffin who said the rear of the SS will be changed, something more interesting will be done with it. Wonder what changes there will be.

  4. Aahhh yet another prime candidate for rhinoplasty…I thought we’d be comfortable ceding the reputation for ugly schnozes to Audi….

  5. Check out the black tape on the rear of the convertible here: http://blogs.edmunds.com/Straightline/2474

    It looks like the rear of the convertible (and presumably the sedan) will get an aluminum strip like the Sport Combi. I have heard rumors the sedan is to get a modest makeover for 2008. That convertible pic leads a little credence to the rumor.

  6. Gripen,
    If you look carefully, all the pictures they have used black tape to try and disguse the cars features. the grill is definetly disguised with tape as in numerous shots you can see the crome glinting out at corner of the photos. the lower air intake has almost always been disguesed with tape to look like the current model, and the front headlights have tape on the sides and top of them to make them look like the current model (this amount of tape varies depending on the car). Also the previous photos of the Sportcombi had tape across the bumper and down the sides to look like the bumper strips of the current model.

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