Friday Night Snippets

Today’s bullying course was a complete load of fluff and bluster. What a complete and utter waste of a day.


This will be my last direct appeal for those that might like to contribute to the Send Swade to Sweden fund.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of visitors, the fund has now reached around $1,050, giving me a great start on the airfare, which is around $2,350 including taxes. The fare has been booked and I’m definitely going to be in Sweden in June, but any further contributions would, of course, be welcome.

The button below leads to a Paypal payment service, which allows you to donate via your own Paypal ID, or with any major credit card.

Thanks again to all who have contributed so far.


We’ve had Ted’s pursuit of the mysterious Heather Locklear and the sighting in Germany of Saab Ambassador, Monica Lierhaus.

Now there’s news of another Saab Femme in the form of the aural delight, Nelly Furtado.

As he presented Furtado with the proclamation, Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe said she has “scaled the heights of the music industry and has achieved international superstar status as a recording artist and concert performer … and yet she remains uniquely accessible and appreciative of her hometown.”

So accessible that she skipped the security and the chauffeur-driven limousine and drove herself to Centennial Square in a Saab sedan.

Makes me proud to be a closet Canadian.

Maybe I should adopt Nelly as the official Trollhattan Saab Ambassador!

And if they haven’t got one yet, Saab Canada should definitely appoint her as their national Saab Ambassador, too.


Those creepy green briefcases in the UK are popping up everywhere…..



And thanks to Murray V, here’s some proof that those Audi’s are sometimes all show and no go. That 9000 has got to be, what, a 1989 model?

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  1. Nelly may not be the best way to refer to Nelly Furtado, as there is another completely unrelated artist named “Nelly” alone. Nelly Furtado, or ms. promiscuous might be better name-tags.

  2. I’m sorry to say I’m not really surprised your anti-bullying class was a waste of time. Companies are increasingly worried about litigation arising from a lack of written company policies and training. I work for huge multinational corporation whose CEO was convicted of (amongst other things) flying out friends and family to a Mediteranian island birthday party for his wife with champagne being peed out of an ice sculpture into guests’ glasses, all on the company dime. So I and all the rest of the employees are constantly subjected to “ethics training” as if we’re the ones who did something wrong. Kind of like closing the barn door after the animals have escaped. It’s a clear case of C.Y.A.

    Everyone reading this, Swade’s not one to toot his own horn and I can tell he’s really not enjoying asking for funds, so please if you would make a donation to send him to Sweden if you can afford it. Any amount is great as it all adds up. Send him $5 if you can. He hasn’t even collected HALF of what the trip’s going to cost him. He provides us a great source of information and entertainment here and I would love to read all about the SAAB Festival first-hand accounts here (I’d like to actually EXPERIENCE it first-hand more, but that’s not going to happen…)!

    Any more info from Murray V: are those two cars stock? I know the 9000 was fast, but was that an Aero model or were they modified? Thanks in advance.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean, Swade.
    I had to sit through a day of “Diversity Training” once.
    Complete waste of time! What the world would’nt be without liberals.

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