GM Geneva videos

These videos have been provided by GMTV. They feature press conferences presented by Rick Wagoner and Carl-Peter Forster.


Rick Wagoner

It covers GM in general, but Saab gets a mention and it’s interesting to hear the thoughts of these prominent gents.

Wagoner’s speech focuses on energy diversity. A lot of news sites and blogs have written reports on this, but here’s the actual speech from the man himself.


Carl-Peter Forster unveils 5 new vehicles at the GM stand and keeps a straight face when unveiling the Cadillac as a “serious competitor” in the European context.

It’s worth it just for the line “OK, that’s enough for techno-talk”. So ad-lib. Seriously, a good way to spend 11 minutes.

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  1. I honestly think that GM think that Cadillac can replace Saab in Europe and are going to try to do just that. A large displacement 2.9l turbodiesel is set to debut in a Cadillac when it really should be debuting in the ’09 9-5.

    I am certain GM will fail in trying to convince Europeans that their cars are he equivalent of Saab, BMW or MB but what a wasted opportunity to further develop Saab.

  2. February sales in Germany:
    The whole market is down by 15% (Feb to Feb)
    Saab is down by 32% (217 cars sold)
    GM (excluding: Chevy, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, so it might be a figure for Caddy) down by 56% (is it what they mean by ‘serial competition’ to European brands? 😉

  3. I personally liked the Opel head guy when he said “the most sportiest car in our OPC family” and the last speaker when he said “versatilility.”


  4. This is from the Hollywood Extra blogspot.

    The Blog’s owner Vince Comments
    “Cadillac is thinking of a smaller than BLS car for the European market. Not sure why.
    The BLS isn’t selling well in the first place.
    The new model could use the next Astra platform. The Wagon verion, is a bit longer than the 5 door.

    These illustrations show what it could look like.”

    A CADILLAC enthusiast’s response to GM’s considering a Cadillac A/B segment underscores what SAAB folks already know about GM’s current ideas for Cadillac’s European expansion.

    “GM already has a brand much better known in Europe that would immediatley benefit from a premium small car. Cadillac has some classier and more expensive models than SAAB does, in Europe SAAB has a better more established image and name than Cadillac.

    Since SAAB is a very well known brand, GM Europe could more easily take it both more upmarket and also into the premium small car class.
    Most europeans are more picky about cars and european heritage than americans and would choose a SAAB over a Caddy.
    GM shouldnt waste money messing with some new Cadillac small car when the rest of caddies need money for a makeover.

    If GM were really smart, they’d very quickly make easy upgrades -throw in some over the top first class interiors for both Cadillac and SAAB – I’m talking $60k looking interior in a $40k car. Then shoehorn Isuzu’s best turbo diesel engines into Cadillac for Europe.

    At the same time push both brands into much higher levels of quality and performance.

    Since SAAB and Cadillac share delerships and SAAB already outsells Cadillac Europe, use the quick upgrades to help SAAB bring in the bigger money for now.
    At the same time carfully make Cadillac a low volume but very desireable brand until demand is high enough that europeans want to pay top dolar for Cadillac.

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