Happy St Pats – part 2

Carl (you can guess which product he makes) emailed me to mention that I forgot to include a Scarabe Green car in my St Patricks day greeting on Saturday…..so here it is!


But that’s not the only reason for this extra St Patricks greeting. As I live in a cricket playing country, it would be highly remiss of me to not mention Ireland’s incredible victory over Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup – and yes it happened on St Patricks Day. To put all of you non-cricketing types in context, Pakistan are one of the top 5 cricketing nations in the world and the Irish ……. definitely aren’t. It was a Bambi vs Godzilla scenario and Bambi kicked the lizard’s arse into next week.

The victory has been tinged with sadness, however, with the Pakistan team coach, Bob Woolmer, being found dead in his hotel room overnight.


In another Irish sporting conquest, Setanta Oh’Ailpin played with my football team, Carlton, in the pre-season competition’s Grand Final match on Saturday night – and we won! Setanta is a young Irishman and a former champion hurling player who’s was recruited by Carlton a couple of years ago. On Saturday night he played in defense on one of the best forwards in the competition and acquitted himself pretty darn well.

The real season starts in two weeks time.



Whats all this got to do with Saab? Nothing really, I just like the Irish. And I just had to mention somewhere that my footy team actually won the pre-season cup.

Also, I just love the fact that you can get a BioPower Saab so cheap in Ireland that you can Hirsch it and still come out of the dealer with some pocket change…..and Saab Australia actually had a sponsorship deal with Carlton some years ago.

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