Help Klaus!


Klaus still needs your help!

If you haven’t done the survey below, it doesn’t take long, your responses are confidential and you’ll be helping a guy through his higher education.


Got a few minutes to help a car guy?

I received an email from Klaus Römer, a business student at Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany. Klaus is preparing a dissertation based on a study of blogs in the automotive industry.

I’ve just completed the survey online, and if you’re feeling so inclined then you can spend the next 8 minutes doing it too by clicking here.

Thanks, from Klaus.

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  1. Maybe Klaus can explain this:
    Saab’s sales in Germany were down by 39% in March 2007 (to March 2006), and by -27% for Jan-Mar!!! The whole market was down by 6% and 10%, respectively.
    But hey, losing 40% of a small number is a very small number…
    I can hardly remember having seen any Saab adds when living in Germany (for 10 years). I wonder if it’s a coincidence that low sales and no advertisement whatsoever come together …

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