Help Wanted

UPDATE: Thanks to all those who have emailed and left tips in comments. I think Drew’s covered now.

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  1. Swedish is actually surprisingly close to English, so here goes.

    E-mail address
    Confirm e-mail address
    First name
    Last name
    Postal code
    Alternate telephone

    If there’s more needed, let me know.

  2. press the word “Bli medlem”

    to the right of the sheet for registration is an english flag. Press it and you will get the info in english.

  3. Swade… No need to worry if you go to Sweden this summer. People in Sweden are more English speaking that some states in the southern part of the U.S… 🙂

  4. I bought some books on Swedish some time back, but I’ve been too lazy to learn it. Now I’ve got a new incentive! Great idea.

  5. Many thanks to all those who replied. Now I know what the field names, I’ll endeavour to sit down over the weekend and sign up.

    After looking through the ads on Tradera, I conclude that old Saab parts in Swden sell for far more reasonable prices than anywhere else I’ve seen. Some of the prices on eBay are just plain ridiculous!

    What I’m after in particular are front floor repair sections for my newly-acquired ’67 95. The rest of the car is rsut free, but the footwell area on the RHS is quite badly holed. Hopefully I can track down what I need!



  6. I have a 93 sportwaggon, we had the 6 disc in dash CD player. We have problems with it skipping and jumping tracks, we are already on our second player, SAAB will not change it again as sid will not produce the correct codes to say there is a problem, if any one can help with sensible advice they can let me know at my e-mail.

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