I drove a XXX and here’s why I’d still buy a Saab

This is a great idea from Jon C so I thought I’d run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

I hold several opinions very dearly and I wear them on my sleeve here at TS.

Firstly, I believe that Saabs are still the best combination of fun and utility your automotive dollar can buy.

Second, it’s become a firm belief of mine (and I’d guess 1985 Gripen’s too after his adventures in San Diego) that at least 50% of motoring journalists don’t do their job properly. They either cut and paste from the press material supplied by the manufacturer or they go all pedantic looking for small things to pick out in order to exhibit some intelligence.

So, it’s over to you. I’ll let Jon explain:

I was washing my car and looking at the wifes BM and I wondered if you had ever thought of a thread about why buy a SAAB, or something in that vein. The BM is great but I do think the SAAB is better in some areas and with regular access to an A4 I don’t believe it is light years in front of my car either…..

…..rather than say “Volvos are rubbish”, say “I drove one last week and the SAAB is much better because….” (an endless list i am sure!!!)


The task is:

If you get a chance to take any Saab competitor out for a run, write your thoughts on the experience and let me know. We all know that Saabs have some unique driving characteristics and some shortcomings too.

I’d love to provide a resource where people can gather a bunch of comparisons together written by people who know and live with their Saabs. Point out why you’d still prefer it on the basis of your day-to-day ownership of the car.

Jon mentioned in his email that he referenced this site when he was looking for a new Saab – a fact for which I’m somewhat humbled and most grateful. Perhaps through a resource like this the Saab community can help out some other people as well.

I’ve created a special category for these items so they’ll be easy to find. Any stories (photos would be helpful too) you’ve got on a Saab competitor that you’ve driven would be more than welcome in my inbox.

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  1. I’m a long time Saab fan and current Viggen driver. Lately, I’ve driven the 9-3 and several competitors to the 9-3: Mazdaspeed6, Legacy GT, S40T5.

    My conclusion was that I like what Saab used to be, not so much what it is now. Interior materials and reliability are awful now. They’ve lost the practicality of the hatch. Other companies are doing turbo just as well. There aren’t many of the things I love(d). About all I can say is the seats are still among the best and I like the interior layout better than the others. It’s so depressing.

  2. Cheer up, Adam – at least you have a Viggen!
    I do agree with you about the sad state of current automobile production. Boring shite is what i’m seeing on the roads these days.

  3. My Dad has an Acura TL. I like our 9-3 and wish I could make all the Saab fans happy, but…

    Well, the Acura does not have as much character, just a great layout and electronics, sports car handling, and a monster motor. Oh yeah, it’s his third Acura and he’s never had a breakdown or major maintenance issue.

    GM / Saab has their work cut out for them with those next generation cars.

  4. Just don’t tell them about the engine sludge problem that costs as much as the car to fix. No one tells you what the whine is when it has a cold start, and all the dealers ignore it and say there’s no problem and they can’t find anything because they don’t want to replace the whole fucking motor either.

    Fuck saab, they made an innovative design but they screwed their consumers by giving it a motor that self destructs.

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