I’m not the only one….

Back in January I embarassed myself at the Diesel and BioPower launches here in Australia. I was taking a diesel 9-3 around the track and I hit the anchors too late prior to a sweeping right-hander and ended up exploring the grass on the side of the track.

It was a minor hiccup though compared to this.

Click here to go to video of actor Eddie Griffin experiencing some serious understeer and then meeting a wall – in a Ferrari Enzo!!


And afterwards, it’s just business as usual, with a few gags, some sunglasses and a thumbs-up for the cameras. If it were you or I we’d probably be put in jail.

Gotta be embarassed, though. The car was owned by the producer of the coming film, Redline, which Griffin is starring in.

Now that’ll be an interesting walk up the red carpet….

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  1. Swade, stop beating yourself up about sliding that car off the track. It’s not like we’ve all had performance driving encoded in our DNA. How much performance driving TRAINING have you had?

    I guess that’s the second Enzo destroyed in SoCal that I know of. The other was that one that Swedish national split in half on PCH last year(?).

    It’s even funnier because Eddie Griffin (doesn’t that sound like a SAAB nom-de-guerre? Maybe “Eddie Gripen”) is such a B-list actor. How did the insurance company agree to insure a million dollar car for this guy to drive? His big career accomplishment was the film “Undercover Brother” from five years ago, and he won’t let anyone forget it!

    I saw the teaser for this story on the 11:00 news a few hours ago (wow, news travels fast in today’s world!). I didn’t catch it on TV, but I’m guessing it was the celebrity portion of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, which is to begin very soon (I think this weekend). Last month when the SoCal SAAB Club met at the Yard House Restaurant in Long Beach I was able to drive on part of the course (it’s on surface streets in Long Beach) as they had already set-up the walls and bleachers at that time)!

  2. Well that’s fantastic. At least he admits that he can’t drive.
    Shame it brings the number of Enzos in the world down to about 300.

  3. NO!!!!!

    $643,330 down the drain!

    I could’ve bought x many viggens, x 9k’s, x c900s, x 99s, x 9-5 aeros (sedan and wagon), x 9-3ss, sc, and convt. What a waste…

  4. I saw this on TV this morning and laughed three or four minutes. The lead up was sooo cheesy with the actor posing with the car, etc. Then BLAM he’s bouncing off the wall. Unintentional comedy is best, no doubt.

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