Interesting badges

I’m not saying I’d get one of these for the Viggen, but they are quite interesting and look like a pretty decent job – from the photos at least.

On sale out of the UK at Ebay. Black one here and red one here (and no, I don’t know the seller).



Some of you may also remember Andy Rupert’s alternative Saab badge too. I wonder if it was made by the same people?


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  1. I got one of these last year, a Viggen one. Make sure to get your UV cover I guess because mine is completely whited over now.

  2. My emblem is still doing well. It hasn’t faded at all. The only downside is that they only fit on a flat surface. I tried to affix one to my hatch but it wouldn’t fit the curve.

  3. I would settle for standard badges that last. Except for recent cars, just about every Saab I see on the road have badgered logos, I’ve changed both of mine once already and they are completely shot again. I’m not changing them again. If the company does not have more pride than that, so be it for the very bad image they project.

  4. Just let it fade all the way and make it a paint by numbers.
    My 9000 is white, so I’m repainting the badge white, with black edging and trim, and a red Griffin. I think it’ll work.

    But really, it’s like five dollars in craft supplies, a rattle can of clear and twenty minutes out of your day.

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