Intriguing coincidence?

This came in via email from a VERY observant Rob.

Yesterday I published photos of the new Saab 9-3 BioPower vehicles to be made available in the UK. The picture of greatest interest is this one. Click on it to enlarge if you need to:


Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

The following image was shown on this site back in January, just over a month ago. It’s an image from Teknikens Varld magazine, showing artist’s impressions of what the 9-1 may look like:


I’ll let you all figure out the reason for our intrigue and leave any thoughts as to what it might mean (if anything) in comments.

There may be a perfectly normal explanation


UPDATE – there is. But it still doesn’t explain how Tekniken’s Varld knew this to put it in the image.

Still quite intriguing.

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  1. I wonder if anyone else has guessed this yet?

    If not your days should be numbered.

    That was very observant of Rob.

  2. Don’t mean to spoil the party, but an explanation could be as simple as somebody interpreting a genuine Saab-registered license plate.

    Or – here comes Conspiracy 101 – Saab testing waters.

  3. Well, just on the first line or two, I thought that Swade was on about the left-hand drive on the car for the UK.

    Too picky of me, I guess.

    The license plate it is.

    What do you want to bet that the same number has been used on several test cars? They simply move the plates from car to car and the folks at the mag knew that was a test car number? Perhaps?

    The true ‘test’ would be other spy photos that predate both pics — like a developmental 9-3 (as I recall the plate look-up says). So, hop to it boys! Find the older spy pic(s) that show the same number!

  4. Well, it just dawned on me: Didn’t ‘XUS’ mean something like ‘Experimental Saab’? Then the ‘091’ would be appropriate for the 9-1. Which is what they’ve pictured here. Right?

  5. I remember someone looking up the plate when it appeared on the magazine cover and was surprised that it was registered to SAAB, but was supposedly a convertible. I speculated at the time that maybe they just have a supply of plates they move around to various cars. Looks like I was right.

    Also eggs, I noticed the LHD thing too and thought that was it until it jumped-out at me.

  6. Ha! I was staring at the pictures for a while trying to resit “cheating” by clicking the jump. I finally gave up, but I did notice that someone must have dented that convertible because the front fender paint doesnt match the rest of the car. Also, US spec cars get the ugly GM sat antennae while the rest of world cars still get the much sexier shark fin.

    I think its halrious that there is a Consumers Report ad on the site today!

  7. There is another thing that is quite interesting, I’m fairly sure those Anniversary Alloys were not around when that 9-1 pic was rendered, so it is interesting that they are also there.

    The number plate took a little time to spot, but again, that is also rather interesting.

  8. the “9-1” shows the new design language saab needs right now. yeah, the convertible isn’t old, but compared to the “9-1,” it looks old. and at first blush, they generations apart, to me.

    i am “so” looking forward to changes; even the little ones, like removing the door strips (where soap likes to hide when washing my car, then drip down later, after i’ve left the car wash) to moving the side “wart” turn signals up to the side mirrors, in, of course, a stylish design. ….

    /back on topic (sorry):

    i don’t think the similar color is as compelling as the same license plate.

  9. Just a stupid question from a simple man – Swade says there is an explanation why the nr plate is the same, linking it to the first pictures on the teknikens varld spy shoots, but I do not understand…

    Could someone explain it to me?

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