Kiplinger 2007 picks – two Three Saabs featured


Financial website has just published it’s top 2007 picks for various automotive classes and two Saab models made the grade. One of them is no surprise given the title they attribute to it, but the other may well provide an unexpected weapon in Saab USA’s marketing arsenal.

The Saab 9-3 was included in Kiplinger’s $25,000 – $35,000 class based on it being the safest in class. The 9-3 has been a 5-star safety vehicle since release, so this is not so surprising given the criteria they chose for inclusion. It’s still great PR to be included, though.

The inclusion that made me sit up and take notice, however, was in the truck-based SUV category. The Saab 9-7x was included in their 2007 picks based on having the best resale value, with an estimated* 60% value retained after 3 years and 41% retained after 5 years.

The 9-7X edges out the Lexus GX 470 for best resale. It’s not just a Chevy Trailblazer tweaked with Saab touches. For example, it has a lower ride height and different suspension. And the ignition is in the center console — a vestige of Saab’s jet heritage.

Great stuff!

Whilst “badge engineering” isn’t an optimal solution, this seems to be yet another indication that the Saab 9-7x was an exercise in badge engineering done the right way. The 9-7x is now Saab’s second-best selling vehicle in the US market.



Logan spots one that I missed as I was perusing this….

The Saab 9-3 SportCombi was also listed as a safest pick – this time in the wagons and minivans segment of the list.

Even better news!


* I’m assuming it’s ‘estimated’ because as far as I know, the 9-7x is only part-way through it’s third model year right now.

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  1. Not surprised the 9-7x is doing well. It was the Saab dealers who pressured GM into giving them an SUV, even if it is a stop gap. Previously their customers had to go elswhere if they wanted an SUV. Swade don’t belive the hype that SUVs are not selling in the USA. Large SUVs have decreased in sales but crossovers are growing in popularity. People who like SUVs are still going to buy them. They just want better effeciency. The 9-4x can’t get here soon enough.

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