minutes ’til 37

Me and my dog.


In 10 minutes I’ll be 37. She’s just six months.

Other birthdays on March 30:

Eric Clapton
(S)norah jones
Celine Dion
MC Hammer (yes!)
Tracy Chapman
Paul Reiser
Robbie Coltrane
Rolf Harris
Franz Oppenheimer
Vincent Van Gogh

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    On a personal note – I’ll see you in Sweden at the Festival 😉

    I’m also going there with some of my co-workers (I work at a Saab dealership).

  2. i was going to donate, for your trip to sweden, a dollar for each of your 37 years.

    well, let’s just say, i hope you make it to 250. happy b-day!


  3. Happy birthday Steven, and enjoy your trip to Sweden! One of these years I hope to visit this wonderful land of my mother’s parents and ancestors.

  4. Happy birthday to both you and my favorite guitarist, Eric Clapton.

    Something about that eerie incandescent glow of the computer screen…both man and dog hypnotized.

  5. Congrats Matey!!

    Hope you have a great one!!

    Again, great work on this site, we all appreciate it a great deal. If you swing by the UK on the way to Sweden let us know! 🙂

  6. Swade,

    May I be the first here who is actually living in March 30th to wish you happy birthday. All ^^^those^^^ people who jumped the gun are still on the 29th.

    Anyway, put on those Hammer Pants and shimmy!!!!

  7. hi swade, now that it is the 30th where i sit i will add to the happy birthdays, hope you are having a great day down there. happy birthday, robin

  8. THAT’s what’s different: you grew a proper beard, didn’t you? I knew there was something different in that photo of you and your dog. The only other time I’ve seen you is in the Aero-X video you shot from the auto show and I think you only had a “van dyke” (isn’t that what they call that beard/mustache combo?). Still no gray in your beard though I see.

    Hope you had a great birthday. Sorry your wife couldn’t be there, but I’m sure she’ll make it up to you and let you win a game of backgammon!

  9. Happy Birthday Steve! One consolation is that you will never catch up with me!
    Well done for all your work on Trollhatten Saab and all you do for fostering the brand we all know and love.

  10. Hjärtliga gratulationer på din födelsedag Swade, hoppas du har det bra! Keep on Saabin’

    Lennart Hed

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