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Apologies to those who have emailed me in the last few days without a reply. My home email has been giving me some problems, but I’m getting around to them now.


Saab’s BioPower range could be in for another boost in Sweden. The Stockholm congestion charge, first trialled for six months in 2006, will be reintroduced from July 1. That’s bad news for gasoline-only cars, but good news for drivers of ‘green’ cars like the Saab BioPower 9-5 and now, the 9-3.

The charge is receiving a lot of public support, too, with 67% of respondents in a recent poll approving the reintroduction of the charge.


And speaking of decision-makers changing plans…

Auto Express are reporting that Cadillac are downgrading their sales forecasts for Europe.

Originally, the company claimed it was confident of shifting 10,000 models across Europe every year by 2010. But with only 600 examples of the BLS finding homes in the UK in 2006, that ambitious target has now been dropped.

They’re still hoping for sales success though with the introduction of a few new models into the UK market to stimulate some interest.

“Sales are set to increase,” a Cadillac spokesman told Auto Express. “And with the launch of the new SRX SUV, plus the arrival of other cars in the range such as the Escal­ade off-roader, we are confident the business will grow.”

This is prime evidence that the worst thing you can do in the eyes of a major corporation is concede a mistake and reverse the decision that led to it. I’ll say it again, the funds they’re pouring down the drain there on Caddy in Europe would be much better invested in Saab.


There’s been two major motoring guides for 2007 come out recently here in Australia (Drive and Go Auto). You know the type – they cover all the new releases from companies for the coming model year.

There’s no mention of the new Saab diesel range in either of them. As a matter of fact, there’s no mention of Saab at all in either of them.

I’m not sure if it’s Saab Oz or the publications themselves that have missed the mark here, but someone has. Interestingly, there’s no Hummer in them, either. Hummer and Saab are now both under the GM Premium umbrella here in Australia.


The Victorian branch of the Saab Car Club of Australia participated in a British and European car show last weekend. They took along a new 9-3 TiD to show off at the event too.

Life Member and 1st class SaabNut, Sab, took his new 2002 9-3 Aero and his camera and recorded some great images of the event. You can view them here.

Love those Montes…..


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  1. This is from the Hollywood Extra blogspot.

    “Cadillac is thinking of a smaller than BLS car for the European market. Not sure why.
    The BLS isn’t selling well in the first place.
    The new model could use the next Astra platform. The Wagon verion, which is a bit longer than the 5 door.

    These illustrations show what it could look like.”

    A CADILLAC fan’s response to GM’s considering a Cadillac A/B segment underscores what SAAB folks already know about the current GM plan for Cadillac Europe’s expansion.

    GM already has a brand much better known in Europe that would immediatley benefit from a premium small car. Even though Cadillac has some classier and more expensive models than SAAB does, in Europe SAAB has a better and more established image and name than Cadillac.

    Since SAAB is a very well known brand GM Europe could more easily take it both more upmarket and also into the small car class. Most europeans are more picky about cars and european heritage than americans and would choose a SAAB over a Caddy.
    GM shouldnt waste money messing with some new Cadillac small car when the rest of caddies need money for a makeover.

    If GM were really smart, they’d very quickly make easy upgrades -throw in some over the top first class interiors for both Cadillac and SAAB – I’m talking $60k looking interior in a $40k car. Then shoehorn Isuzu’s best turbo diesel engines into Cadillac for Europe.

    At the same time push both brands into much higher levels of quality and performance.

    Since SAAB and Cadillac share delerships and SAAB already outsells Cadillac Europe, use the quick upgrades to help SAAB bring in the bigger money for now.
    At the same time carfully make Cadillac a low volume but very desireable brand until demand is high enough that europeans want to pay top dolar for Cadillac.

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