More on (Moron??) T-shirts

I’ve finally received my own T-shirts in the mail in the last few days and it’s made me go into the room full of mirrors and take a long hard look.

I ordered a charcoal colored dark tee and an UrSaab polo because I wanted to assess the quality of the two products – something I should have done before offering them for sale. I had ordered from Cafepress before with great results, so I placed my faith in them with these. Whilst only feeling slightly let down myself, the kicker for me is that I’ve offered them for sale.

I ordered the polo in too large a size and the print has ended up near my shoulder rather than on the normal pocket area around the left pectoral (do we guys have ‘breasts’?). The image quality is actually very good and I have no complaints about that at all. The shirt is quite comfortable, too. Good value from that standpoint. But the image placement is a cause for concern. I think it’s caused by the fact that it’s an oversize shirt (I got a XXL thinking in terms of sizes for clothes made in China). Stretch the shoulder area out and it looks like it’s placed OK, but the way it sits when I’m wearing it is a little annoying.

The dark tees are a beta product from Cafepress and while I’ll happily keep mine, the print quality isn’t as good as that on a white shirt. I asked PT what he thought of his and he was honest enough to give it a 7 out of 10 and I’d have to agree. And that’s not good enough if I’m asking you to spend money on them.


If anyone out there has any problems with the print quality of their shirt and it looks like a manufacturing issue, Cafepress have a pretty decent returns policy and I’m sure they’ll be open to hearing what you have to say. I’ll happily reimburse you for any freight costs incurred as a result. But that’s not all….

I will not have people being inconsolably unhappy on my account. If anyone is unhappy with the product, can’t resolve it with Cafepress and wants their money returned then please email me. I’ll keep your request in fullest confidence. You can keep the shirt and there will be no hard feelings whatsoever.

I really appreciate the fact that people have thought enough of this site to support it with some of their hard-earned. I think the print quality issues will mainly be confined to the Viggen dark tee, but I’m opening this up to anyone who’s bought a shirt and is unhappy.

No questions asked and please don’t be bashful. I can’t stand the thought that someone’s got a dodgy product from me and my reputation (and your happiness) is much more important than a trip to Sweden.


I’m looking into sourcing shirts through Spreadshirt. They have a more complex system that provides for a better print for things like the Viggen, UrSaab and 900 logo designs.

Ivan has been helping me in the last 24 hours, getting the designs in the right file format and I can’t thank him enough for his assistance. The other added bonus with Spreadshirt is that they have operations in the US and in Europe so it’ll cut the cost of freight for Europeans as Cafepress was US based only.

I’ll be ordering a sample this time around and making the shirts available as soon as I’m satisfied with the results.


The cafepress stores remain open in the meantime. As mentioned, I’m quite sure that the items printed on white should be OK.

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  1. hi Swade
    as you know i have my t-shirt here and although i was happy with it i did write to complain about the lettering being orange with a white shadow instead of red. right away they said sorry and put a new one in the post. mine fits very well and is snugg. robin.

  2. While the dark T-shirt wasn’t the greatest (good enough though), the white golf/polo shirt was really nice and I like it enough that I’ll be ordering another. You’re probably right that the items printed on white should be OK.
    Hope you don’t have too many unhappy customers.

  3. I received the (white) polo shirt and love it! Good quality; placement of logo is right; size is right; logo print was a little light, but I want no refund!! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Swade,

    regarding Spreadshirt: I ordered allready quiet a few shirts, jackets etc. from them and until now I’m verry happy with it. A little hint: The digital transfer prints are good for a short period of time, then they start fading. But that’s normal for digital transfer. I have also some shirts, polos etc. with plot printing and they are super. 1A quality. But you must provide vectorised images/layouts for plot. But there is no fading and such stuff. So go for it! πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m glad you guys have found your white shirts to be OK, as I did.

    Bjoern, Ivan’s been helping me with the vector files. I’ve submitted the first for Spreadshirt’s inspection and should be ordering a sample later in the week.

    Glad to hear your experience with them has been good. In line with other things I’ve heard.

    The plot style limits the richness of the design, but the overall quality should be much better as you observe. I was just intimidated by the idea of having to get the vector stuff together as it’s out of my league at this point.

    Plot will be perfect for the logo T-shirts, just not so good for the Bring Back the Hatch shirts, but I’ll just have to get inventive with those.

  6. I had a problem with my organic cotton one in that the red text was a bit blurry. I contacted CafePress. They immediately sent me another one at no charge and told me to keep the first one as a gift. The second one came in perfect. Their customer service is top-notch. You can get replacements with few questions asked if you’re not completely satisfied.

  7. Hi all
    I’ve ordered and received a Viggen-logo “fitted T-Shirt” in white.
    Print quality is rather poor, but nevertheless it’s a great T-Shirt: very comfortable, cool styling, and cheap (even with p&p to Switzerland it is much cheaper than the average T-Shirt in our local shops).
    I’ve ordered another two and looking forward to the delivery !

  8. All: My own design shirt in the dark color (yellow print on blue — very Swedish) came out very good, much better than the small image on the order page looks. Some white bleed around a couple of edges, but overall very acceptable.

    The sizes are significantly different from the fitted and regular fit.

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