More sales data – Feb 2007

Sales data came in for the UK market yesterday, but got lost in all the hoo-haa surrounding the Geneva Motor Show.

The headline on the SMMT site said that February sales were flat, leaving the door open for bumper sales in March. Let’s hope so.

Saab Great Britain sold 691 units in February, a fall of 16.75% from the 830 units sold in the same month in 2006.

Saab have sold 2,228 units for the first 2 months of 2007, which is 10.34% lower than the Jan-Feb total in 2006 (2,485 units).

Hopefully they’re continuing to lobby for BioPower to be exempt from the congestion charge. With the 9-3 range having access to BioPower technology now, it’d be a great opportunity.

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