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I’ve received some more sales data today from a few smaller Saab sales markets. It’s looking my home market here in Australia might be the only one to have risen in February. For all the beatings they’re getting on this site at the moment, perhaps some congratulations are due to Saab Oz for achieving a positive result in a month where it seems like a difficult thing to have done.


The Finns!

2006 was a good year for the Finnish Saab market, with sales rising by 33% over 2005. Like other markets were watching though, it seems they might have some trouble meeting that target once again.

February 2007 trended downwards like many others, with sales of 125 Saabs compared wo 153 in the same month last year.


The Portugese!

Some very interesting background on the Portugese market from Miguel:

We have a small automobile market (approx. 200.000 units/year) and mainly French/German ones > diesel. Saab has been imported by a private company for 40yrs and will change to GM hands within 2 years.

We have a lot of car taxes, upon engine capacity and not power. For example: a 320d Bimmer costs as much here as a 335d in Germany (!!). The best Saab seller is the 9-3 SS 1.9Tids 150hp Vector > 43.000Eur. The 9-3 2.8 Aero costs 62.000Eur… and obviously for that price no one buys it 🙁

The 9-5 Aero is cheaper than the 9-3 2.8 Aero… crazy, but true…

So Saab sales are small and it’s fair to say that a Portugese Saaber is a fairly hardcore individual. Kudos to you, Miguel!

Saab Portugal are also down for the year, having sold 50 vehicles so far compared with 72 for Jan-Feb 2006.


The good thing I saw in looking at Portugal’s sales figures? All these companies sold more than Toyota in February 2007


Now that’s cool.

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  1. I think it should be noted that whole car sales market here in Finland was 9% down in february compared to 02/2006 so it’s not only Saab who’s diving. There’s is lots of (groundless?) speculation about possible incoming lowering in car taxes and one guess is that it is the reason why car sales have come down a little bit.

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