New 9-3 Convertible Spypics

UPDATE at the bottom of the post!!


Sweden’s Auto Motor and Sport are the latest to publish some spypics of the MY2008 9-3 Convertible. This one’s in black and dare I say it looks a bit more cohesive than the one in the last MY08 convertible pictures we saw. Maybe it’s just because it’s got a full set of wheels this time.

These are small images I’m posting in order to appease the powers that be, but huge versions are available at AM&S at the link above.

Thanks to ctm for the tip.






Thanks to Raj in comments, head on over to Edmunds blog and check out the silver convertible. It’s still somewhat masked at the front, but a set of full size anniversary rims and the silver paintwork set it off quite nicely.

Here’s a sneak peek.


Edmunds start their post off with this

We’ve been waiting to hear some product news out of Saab for awhile, but things have been a little quiet over at GM’s favorite foreign money loser lately.

They obviously haven’t been reading where they should have. There’s been plenty happening at Saab and it’s all documented right here.

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  1. I agree Saaboy.Not really a nice face.
    Looks more like a melted welly or a smacked arse.
    And it does give justice to the term “face lift”.
    Not being negative,just being honest.

  2. I think I will like it, as I don’t really like the 9-3 today. But I think there are mainly two reasons for people being a little disappointed:

    1) It still looks like something that was just put together to mask the car. It has not got a “finished” look. I think that makes it look kinda ugly.

    2) We are finally here. After months and months of waiting, we get to see small pieces of what to come. And the first sensation fades away so quickly, and we want something even bigger and bolder. It’s like the song… “Is That All There Is?”

  3. Two more things:

    I notice the old door handles… 🙂

    And I also notice the temporary green license plates that are not in the Swedish vehicle register… 🙂

  4. I would believe that the cab retains the old doors and therefore the old handles. Remember that for the sedan and combi, the doors were already developed for the Cadillac BLS. I guess it will be too expensive to redevelop the doors for the convertible. If they wanted to remove the black door list from the cab, they would have to remove the little list behind the doors as well, and these are recessed, aren’t they? Then they would have to redo the whole rear metal too…

  5. Guys, put proper wheels and not hubcaps on it and take the tape off the front and I think it will look like a really nice car.

  6. Thanks for the link, Raj.

    I must say it looks much better when one is able to differentiate between the body, the masking tapes, etc.

    I think it will look pretty good once all the bling is revealed.

  7. “Favourite little money loser”?…GMs and GMEs 06 results are out. GME showed a full year profit. GMNA did not. And I doubt it had anything to do with Cadillax, Rick.
    Btw take that front end back to the shop and beat it with an ugly stick…some more.

  8. People keep mentioning masking, but I don’t see it. I think that “black-out” look is actually what it looks like. It’s not disguised. If it was they’d cover up the chrome middle part with “SAAB” on it.

    I think this Darth Vader look is what the front end actually looks like!

  9. It’s funny that when the first spyshots came out people overwhelmingly approved of the styling, but every spyshot since then has seen more and more negative feedback.

    I’m thinking that if anything, these spyshots would make me more likely to run out and snatch-up a 2007 Anniversary Edition instead of waiting for the ’08! 😉

  10. Oh Gawd. Hopefully this is very pre- production. The clam shell hood, which I love on the 9-5, really looks like an afterthought here. It’s more apparent when you enlarge the pictures at AM&S. It actually looks too big for the car. I also notice the absolutely stupid silver lining around the dash is still there. Go drive an 07 9-3 under street lights at night and you’ll understand the absurdity. The reflection jumps at you just sitting in the showroom ! I just can’t believe there doing this to Saab. I brought this blunder to the attention of the head honcho for interior designs at GM but I guess Saab is very far on his priority list. Certainly light years behind Cadillac as we all know.
    I believed for a long time GM would be good for Saab in the end, but now I think GM will be the end of Saab. Even my dealer is losing fate. Of course, we will be very glad to be proven wrong but time is of the essence. If they keep beating around the bush, there will not be much left to salvage.

  11. I’m still operating under the assumption that SAAB is purposely showing these pre-production models to gauge our opinion.

    Swade, is it possible you can make a post where you cull all the MY2008 9-3 “spyshots” published at your site so far along with a poll asking everyone to ONLY VOTE ONCE PLEASE and give their opinion whether they like it, don’t like it, or are ambivelent?

    Most of the comments I read after the first spyshots appeared in the Swedish newspaper were positive. Then the subsequent photos came out and most were negative. I’m wondering where people stand in their opinion of the aesthetics of the exterior of the refresh…

  12. It does not do the vehicle justice.It does not say stylish to me anyway.And forgive me for this but i think it looks too American (ducks for cover)
    And please Swedish god of SAABS , do not let them put that clamshell hood on it,it really does look out of proportion ala bashed crab.
    I gotta stop looking at it i think i’m gonna spew

  13. I think the front looks quite cool; at least much more aggressive and sporty than the previous version. (I think the recent version looks to “kind” from the front) However I would like it to be a little lower, and I’m a big fan of a large air intake like on the Viggen. They could make it look more “muscular” to underline it’s sportiness.

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