New Cars!!

This is some of what it’s all about, isn’t it?

People getting Saabs and just loving it.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the new Saabs that people have emailed me about recently:




Jan emailed me from Germany to tell me about his recent acquisition:

It’s a 9.5 Vector with MY2007 TID engine, sport chassis and Harmann Kardon Sound system, currently no further modification like Hirsch etc. It’s such a great car, comfortable and sporty to drive. Do you remember the video about thew new 9.5 where Tomas Ostlund was talking about the new chassis? This is exactly how the car acts.

I had a 9.3 SS Aero before and thought it will be hard for me to switch from the Aero (Hirsch Step 1) to the TID but I don’t miss the Aero…of course it’s faster, has 80 horsepower more but the quality of the 9.5 is so much better. I met many people who were kidding and laughing about the current 9.5 design but I don’t mind, I like the look and I’m very happy to be a 9.5 owner.

Here’s some pics of the new ride, and one of the old, too. Click to enlarge….

Jan9-52.jpg Jan9-5and9002.jpg



I got an email from Brad, which was great because I like getting emails from young Saab nuts (and older ones, too). But Brad’s not just a young Saab nut, he’s also an apprentice Saab technician. But he’s not just an apprentice Saab technician, he’s also an owner of two Saabs, on of which being a C900 that’s restoring. But he’s not just a Saab nut and an apprentice Saab technician with 2 Saabs, his Dad’s also recentl purchased a 2004 9-5 Aero:

Even more exciting (than going to SOC later this year) is that I finally got my father into a 2004 9-5 Aero about 2 months ago and I’ve never seen him more excited about a car ever.

As it’s been winter there’s not many good, clear pics of the car, but here’s what it looked like when they picked it up.

Never been more excited about a car….ever….



Jurgens wrote to me a few months ago to tell me about his new Titan Grey 9-3. He was so excited and enthused about the car that he’d taken some shots in the street, but they didn’t really set the car off and show it in it’s best light. So I asked for some more shots….

Here are the pictures I promised. I finally found some time for an excursion, so I took the wife and my baby daughter for a ride in Peloponnese, a peninsula forming the southern part of Greece south of the Gulf of Corinth. We spent the weekend in a traditional village called Isari.

Click to enlarge….

Titan3.jpg Titan1.jpg




Tim’s emailed me to let me know about his Dad’s new ride. It’s definitely the freshest of the bunch, having travelled a total of just 22 kilometers.

The full gallery is here, but here’s an indication…..


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