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I can’t give you any samples, or even a proper name for it yet, but green will be returning to the US Saab range (and maybe others too) in the 2008 model year.

The word, from inside SaabUSA itself, is that it’ll be a “silvery green” and available initially on the MY2008 Saab 9-3 and followed by the Saab 9-5.


John sent me this photo this morning with a note to check out the groovy soft top color.

Groovy indeed, but I didn’t get the significance of the car until a press release from Ooh-La-Laaa Saab France hit my feed reader.


It seems this is a new color for the Ooh-La-La market called “Ice Black”. It’s part of the 60th Anniversary offering there. No mention that I can see about how it differs from Jet Black, but if anyone knows then please fill us all in via comments.

The Ooh-La-Laa 60th Anniversaire model gets you le-DVD based Satnav, a baguette colored soft top, a premium 300W audio system with bluetooth, Bi-xenons, black leather saddlery and special 17″ alloy rims. The “Ice Black” series will be limited to only 100 numbered specimens.

The press release carried on about some event from the 30th March to 1st of April, then it abused me for not being able to speak French.

Tres bon!



It seems the French are pulling the laines over our eyes.

Here’s a link to Ice Black on the Saab ooh-La-Laa site.

And here’s a link to Jet Black from Saab Global.

Hint, though they’re different URL’s, the French one just diverts to the Jet Black pic.

La Scandale!!

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  1. In Germany the beige top is in the option list since MY 07.

    I really like it, but i think i will never see any in real šŸ˜‰

  2. Just taken a look at the French website. Apparently you can have your Ice Black 9-3 in one of three colours: silver, Ice Blue and… Jet Black. Seems ‘Ice Black’ doesn’t refer to a new colour, but is just the moniker for this special series.
    You can have the hood in black, or as a cost option in blue or in beige as pictured.

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