New model: The Vauxhaull Madness

The fussiest car cleaner and detailer I know personally is Drew B. I’ve featured a few of his Saabs here on this site before. He’s spent the last two weeks cleaning and polishing a Saab that he’s recently added to his collection and no doubt we’ll get around to adding that one to this site soon.

But he’s got nothing on this guy….

This is Marc’s Vauxhall Astra VXR and when he bought it, he instructed the dealer not to touch it. He had to take the seats out for re-trimming first. And the wheels had to come off.

But all that’s nothing compared to the treatment he gave to the paint. Remember, this is straight out of the factory.

The results are quite impressive though as the following shots will tell you:



And event the headlamps got the treatment….





As part of the process, Marc employes the services of this guy, who’s video I’ve shown once last year. It’s still quite amazing to see again though.

So all you Saabisti that are going to the Saab Festival or SOC later this year – start your paint-depth gauges and get polishing!!!

I’m off to wash the bird poo from the Viggen.

There’s a million more photos of the whole process at the link I put at the start. A seriously scary and strangely entertaining read.

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  1. I would pay money to see the meltdown he has when someone dings him in a parking lot.
    Me too,that would be class.
    Runaway ASDA shopping trolley straight down the side.
    The colour of pink i would be tickled.

  2. Yeah, and wouldn’t it be hilarious if Swade ran in to the kerb and scratched his alloy wheels that someone spent so much time and effort refurbishing?

  3. Oh dear. Wasn’t funny then.

    I ran into a convict built sandstone kerb here in Parramatta and took a piece out of my Aero wheels some months ago. I still wake up in tears…….

    Bloody convicts building crooked kerbs, i dunno.

  4. I would have paid money to have seen Drew’s face.
    And your lucky he wasn’t close to your car or his language would’ve taken the paint off.
    Hey Big Spender,Spend a little time with me.

  5. This is seriously twisted. Some people are very, very spoiled.

    Methinks that Junior needs to spend a little time in Honduras or Bangladesh to see how the other half live.

    If you can’t drive it, what good is it? And if you have to call Paul everytime that a bird craps your vehicle, your car owns YOU not the other way around.

  6. he’s got bragging rights for a perfect paint job–whatever that is. sounds like a very demanding hobby, by the way.

    howewer, looks like he built a mansion in a ghetto:

    1. he’ll never get back the investment (or time);

    2. it’s begging to be defiled; and

    3. he can never let it out of his sight.

    basically, he’s created a self-made prison; which makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

    it least his addiction isn’t criminal. hopefully, it justifies the time.

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