New old wheels for sale – Saab 95/96

Drew B shot me an email to show me these.


As they’re quite rare, I thought there might be a few people out there with either a Saab 95 or 96 that might be interested in knowing about them.

Highgate Saabstore in the UK has renamed itself The V4 Store and it seems they’ve commissioned a stock of Ronal style 10-spoke minilite wheels, identical to those offered in limited numbers on Saab 95s and 96s.

I don’t know the model specifics on which these were offered, but they look exceptionally good on Drew’s 96.


They come heat-treated, painted and lacquered – ready to roll.

If you’ve got one of these V4s and you’re keen to get some of these wheels, the V4 store has 62 of them left in stock.


And here’s another pic of Drew’s 96, just ’cause it looks so good. We had a 96 present at our club’s event in northern Tassie last weekend and I spent a few minutes just looking at, marveling at the fact that they could use the same basic design from 1947 to 1980 – and it still looks fantastic today.


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  1. I used to own a set of these alloys from Highgate Saabpart. I bought the last set from the second production run that they did a few years ago.

    IIRC they are made for Highgate by Compomotive – and the quality is A1.

    I sold my alloys to from the UK to a guy in the USA …that’s how much in demand they are!

  2. I am interested in the wheels but Highgate’s new we site The V4 Store is not completely functional. Any other way of contacting them?



  3. Hello,
    I am also proud owner of SAAB 96 V4.
    I am really interested in those wheels, please let me know if there is any way of purchasing them. Thanks

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