New TS T-shirts for everyone!

Finally I’ve got the T-shirt situation sorted.

The new and improved Spreadshirt T-Shirts are now available in North America, Asia and in Europe.

Those of you in the US and Asia should check out the Trollhattan Saab North America Spreadshirt shop.

Those of you in Europe should check out the Trollhattan Saab Europe Spreadshirt shop.


For the latest news and special offers with regard to Trollhattan Saab T-shirts, please click here.


The products differ slightly in each region, but are basically the same. At this point there’s no C900 image for the NA shop, but that should change soon.

These Spreadshirt Tees are an improvement over the Cafepress shirts in that the print should last a lot longer. My Cafepress polo shirt is still looking great after a dozen or so washes, but the digital transfer isn’t as precise on darker shirts. The dark shirts available from Spreadshirt use a completely different process and are precise and long-lasting.

Again, here’s Ivan looking quite happy with his new shirt (or is he happy because of his new Viggen….hmmmm).



And here’s a closer shot of the actual print – click to enlarge.



The other advantage with Spreadshirt is the vast number of product and color combinations I can offer. Here’s a sample of basic tees that are available in both shops, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s over 50 combinations in the US shop and around 30 in the European shop (at the time of writing).





Click here for the TS European Shop

Click here for the TS North America and Asia Shop

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  1. This has nothing to do with the shirts, but it relates a little to the picture.

    I got to be lucky enough to work on a Viggen yesterday, and I took it for a hell ride and fell in love with Viggens all over again.
    Maybe one day I’ll be able to park an SPG and a Viggen next to the Aero.

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