Old school 99 lovin

The 99 is quintessential old school when it comes to the modern age for Saab. But the title refers to the image rather than the car.

This is Pierre’s first car, a 1976 Saab 99, and the picture comes to us courtesy of Pierre’s color slide scanner! I’m pretty sure this is the first slide film shot I’ve had on the site, and as a bit of an old school photography fan that excites me for some reason.

….here is my humble contribution to 99 loving. I finally found this slide of my first Saab, I believe a 1976 2 door I owned when I was a rowdy fisherman in Maine about twenty five years ago. Although it was somewhat a beater, I adored the car and would love to put my hands on another one if it was in decent shape. It would be great if Saab brought back a no nonsense car inspired by the 99, with a modern turbo engine. Hey, it’s cheap to daydream!

What a great photo!

And I really love the US headlamps on those 99s.


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  1. Why didn’t anyone comment on this beautiful photo? One of my life goals is to drive up to Maine in the fall–in a vintage Saab.

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