Post-Lite II

After a late night deluge last night, posting will be light again for the next 36 hours due to Ben coming home from hospital today and me doing an overnighter elsewhere.

Thanks for your well-wishes in comments. As of last night Ben’s doing quite well, is eating again and even got up for a quick walk. It’s amazing what they can do nowadays.

In the meantime, here’s a quick and uber-rare Saab 99.

There were only a handful of Saab 99 turbos made in the 5-door shape. And the records will tell you that those made were mostly Cardinal Red, IIRC. This one’s a genuine Marble White 5-door. It once belonged to Simon A, the guy who currently owns the best 99 Turbo I’ve ever seen.

Have a good weekend. I’ll be back soon.

Click on any of these to enlarge.





And while we’re at it, here’s a rear-end view of the best Saab 99T I’ve ever seen, keeping some good company up in Sydney – g’day Paul 😉


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  1. Also Glad Ben is well.
    You’re torturing me with those 99 pictures. That last one brings back a flood of memories of my 75 3-door Wagonback. If I can find the old Polaroid photo I took, I’ll scan it. Unfortunately, it’s not a happy photo. I had given the car to my son to drive. On a winter day, a woman driving a Dodge station wagon was rear-ended by a speeding van and knocked into my son’s lane where they met in a partial offset head-on. The Saab was driven off the right side of the road and went airborne when it went up over a boulder. It landed upside down on the driver’s A-pillar and then bounced upright coming to rest on its wheels. My son wasn’t wearing a seatbelt but only got a small bump on the head when he hit the windshield. He ended up sitting in the passenger seat when the car landed. At 145,000 miles, it wasn’t worth repairing, so I bid it a fond farewell. It served me well and saved my son from serious injury or death. I feel like I should have kept the car and given it a proper resting place, or at least thanked it for its faithful service.

  2. man, I leave for 6 days of fun-filled military training and TS world flies by.

    Swade, I hope your younger is doing fine and makes a speedy and full recovery.

    Did anyone catch the Saab 9000 on “Top Gear” this past Sunday? I know they destroyed it, but it was a funny episode nonetheless. I dream of the days that Clarkson raves about Saab on “Top Gear”… Of course, I’ll be seeing in on Youtube before BBC has it yanked…. I guess us yanks can’t watch a good show like that.

    TS is an addiction, and I’m getting my fix again 😀

  3. That’s a nice nocturne blue 9-5 wagon snuck in behind Simon’s 99 Turbo. I wonder how it got so close:>)

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