post-lite morning

I have a training course on this morning – on bullying and harassment – should be fun. I’ve never been trained to bully someone properly.

Anyway, all those news stories will have to wait a few hours.

In the meantime, check out Robin’s new shirt!


And no, I’m not a bully. It’s a requirement to do this course for all people in the organisation I work for.

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  1. Is this course run by Paul Lennon??
    He has the know how and he wrote the book on bullyboy redneck

  2. have you tried bullying anonymous – remember the first step is to admit you have wedgied. oh yeah, that clockwork orange video has got to go

  3. Given the fact that people from down under have been practically winning anything they throw their energies into (cricket, swimming and …) apart from that thing called soccer, I would not be surprised – was just about to ask.

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