Rare 99 lovin

The unofficial month of 99 love continues….

This one’s been seen on this website once before, but not as an individual unit. Earlier in the year I shared some photos from a dutch car club event and a few commenters pointed out the great shape this 99 was in.

Fortunately, the owner of the 99 in question happened to be reading the site at the time and left a little bit of information about it. This week, Jacco has been in touch again and sent me a few more photos.

This is the original photo. Jacco’s car is on the right, a 2-door 99 in walnut brown with the silver minilite wheels.


It’s a 1984 Saab 99, which is quite rare as production of these cars really slowed down after the 900 was introduced. 1976 saw the greatest unit production of 99s, with nearly 73,000 of them being made. In 1984, the last production year for the 99, there were little more than 7,000 of them produced.

Jacco’s 99 was the first car he looked at. He loved it and he bought it. It’s now done around 140,000 kilometers and looks in top condition. Being an ’84, it’d have the H engine installed and quite possibly a 5-speed gearbox by this time too.

The later cars also got a grille like the 900 and blackout treatment around the windows.

As you can see, the car has had a few wheel changes over the years, but those minilites in the top photo are the duck’s guts. Absolutely superb.








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  1. The duck’s guts, the bees knees. Similar concept. I don’t even know the origin, but in this context they’re just the perfect wheels for the car.

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