Release Me – Remix

Andy Rupert has done a cracker of a job doing a short re-write of Saab’s newest promotional jingle, a song called Release Me by Frida Orn.

This video will probably make more sense if you’ve watched the original one to get an idea of the song.

I laughed and laughed and laughed when I head this over at Andy’s blog, so I had to put some pictures to it and post it. Great job Andy!!


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  1. Those were the days my friend

    We hoped they’d never end.

    Bring back the Snatch

    Build it at they will come.

  2. My wife was getting tired of me singing it this morning. But after watching the original commercial, she couldn’t stop laughing after seeing/hearing the remix. That made my day.

  3. I think you should do a special edition run of the C900 shirts with “BBTH” (Bring Back The Hatch) on them! 😉

    Nice work Andy.

  4. that’s a beautiful evolution.
    i’m keeping fingers crossed that it will continue.

    the hatch has the sportiness in design that, about which, a stationwagon can only dream and the utility the sedan concedes.

    granted, gm wanted saab to “grow up” (by having a “me-too” sedan). but, its denial about how style-and-performance-minded consumers have grown more “utility” conscious has left a “glaring” void in saab’s lineup. yes, some may argue that the combi, a stationwagon, stands for “utility,” but at a premium–connotations of things that don’t imbue much or a lot of excitement, from a visual standpoint. ymmv.

    (((saab, please make a new hatch.)))

  5. I’m having to play the original one over and over now so that I can get Andy’s version out of my head for a few moments!

    I am a hatchback waiting for production….

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