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I never thought I’d call a post by that title…..

This link came in overnight. It’s in German, but here’s an edited Google translation. The important bit is the confirmation of Saab production at Russelsheim in 2009 for the 9-5 and 2010 for a new 9-3.

General Motors Euro boss Carl Peter Forster sees the possibility of producing Chevrolet vehicles at German OPEL locations. In the Ruesselsheim factory, where “Saab model will definitely also be built soon”, it will also be possible to build Chevrolet according to Forster. At present all Chevrolet vehicles for Europe are built in South Korea. “At Ruesselsheim in the future eight different variants can be produced. At present there only three”, said OPEL work council boss Klaus Franz.

Thus at Ruesselsheim, aside from Opels in the future also cars of the GM marks Vauxhall, Saab and Saturn will be built. Chevrolet and Holden could come off the line as well. “That is an advantage of the global platforms of GM” said Franz.

The Saab 9-5 will be built starting from 2009, the Saab 9-3 starting from 2010 – also at Ruesselsheim.

For Opel would come also a manufacturing of the Chevrolet Epica successor, which will stand like the Saab models on the Epsilon-2 platform like the next Opel Vectra.

The article goes on to discuss other possible GM manufacturing plans involving other European and Korean bases, but none involving Saab.

The interesting this is whether this quote refers to MY2009 or calendar year 2009. There have been recent indications that the Saab 9-5 would come in late 2008 as a MY2009 car.


Also coming in via email, this image from a Danish magazine. Another cgi impression of what the 9-5 might look like.



My thanks to Kim and Anders for the tips.

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  1. All I have to say is once SAAB production moves to Russelsheim, GM is going to have to work EXTRA hard to keep the die-hard SAAB fans. If they lose them, they’re going to have their work cut-out for them trying to find people to buy German cars with a Swedish name made from globally-sourced parts from an American company…

    The next-gen SAABs damned well better be AMAZING.

  2. Looks like the schnoz of a MY07 9-5 with the ass of a MY07 Camry.

    Hope it’s more original. (Thank god it’s CGI rendering and not a Saab-published pic)

  3. Myeah. I’ve yet to see something that beats those pics you linked to, Swade, in a post called “about those 9-5 pics.” Now that looked like a car that was a) suitably differentiable from a 9-3 and b) ready to eat an Audi A6.

  4. A combination of a lexus and a mY07 9-5, but I like the black A-pilars….

    Think we have to separate SAAB as a brand and saab as a factory.

    9-3 cab is not bad, and still a saab as it is built in austria.

    It would be madness to say that one factory was for saabs, one for opel etc when they are built on the same platforms. To spend exptra money (lots of it) just to be able to have made in sweden on the sticker behind the door does not make sence. There are many brands, playing to be european/american that are built in asia (go in a clothes store and try to find anything (other than boots) not made in asia).

    Think we all could accept a $1000 reduction in the price (alternatively getting a manufacturer that is actually profitable).


  5. I reckon that looks pretty sweet – the rear end would need a bot of individuality, but the front is spot-on and the black A-pillars are aero-x. Much the prettiest of the various mock-ups I ‘ve seen. Touches of Merc CLS in there as Swade alluded to recently.

  6. IS NECESSITY THE MOTHER OF INVENTION? – Probably Saab’s driving motivation, once. Now it should be interesting to see the motivation for “SAABesque” engineering. I’m surprised that GM has not built a virtual Saab factory. Imposing constraints to allow the engineering we’ve all come to appreciate. Something along the lines of “given a chevy, built a Saab”.

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