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I don’t know much about Gren Car Journal or how long it’s been around, but this article would tend to suggest it’s one of the green-transport sector’s pioneers.

It was sent to me from Jan-Willem Vester at SaabUSA.

You can read the full article here.

In short, Saab have been at this alternative fuel thing for a little longer than I knew, with this concept vehicle being shown in Chicago back in 1992 when this original article was published. The altered 9000 is capable of running on ethanol, methanol or gasoline. And just like the BioPower vehicles that some of us can buy today, it can run on any mix of the three.

Not bad for way back in 1992.

The article’s well worth a quick read. And if the photo’s the genuine article then it looks like that 1992 concept might have been a precursor to the 9000 Aero. Check out those super-Aero rims and the most comfortable automobile seats ever made.



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  1. Swade, The Saab Ecosport Prototype was shown in ’92 and was, as you surmised, the precursor to the Aero. “Those” SuperAero wheels are actually 17″ versions. Oh how cool it would be have those wheels on a 9000 Aero. It had some pretty trick stuff, especially for ’92.

    I’ll find a link.

    ’93 9000 Aero with measly 16″ wheels! ;o)

  2. You’re damn right they’re the best seats ever, I’ve found myself driving in circles for hours just so I can sit in them a bit longer.

  3. OMG! I just have to own one of those Aero’s. I’m even thinking of selling my soul to the devil for one, but I think I can wait a few more months. 🙂

    About that concept. Now that was advanced and looking into the future. I hope that GM will finally realize what precious gem they own and how bright it could shine if they pay just a bit more attention to it.

  4. Swade, first I’d like to echo Teddy’s congrats on post #2000.

    I’d also like to bring-up (something I’ve probably mentioned before, so forgive me…) that I know it’s in the fictional world, so it isn’t the same, but in the 1981 James Bond novel “License Renewed” 007’s “Silver Beast” SAAB 900 Turbo was flex-fuel.

    “The Saab now suited Bond’s purposes, and was easily convertible from gasoline to gasohol if the fuel situation became even more critical; the consumption was low in relation to speed; while the turbo gave that extra dynamic thrust always needed in a tricky situation.”

    “Gasohol” is what they used to call E10. So in California (as well as other places) you can only buy gasohol anymore.

    I don’t know how the author came up with the idea unless this was something that was discussed at the time (having flex-fuel cars). Maybe because of the oil crisis of the 1970’s research was being done on “alternative fuels”?

  5. Saaboy I don’t believe it. With the exclusion of the spg (for now, but it is not far behind) if I had the money today to buy an Aero or Viggen I would probably go mad ’cause I wouldn’t know what to pick. Lucky me for not having the possibility of choice. 🙁

  6. You don’t need gobs of money, you just need to know where to look!
    I bought my ’94 9000 Aero from a guy at the local Saab dealer for $1500, complete with a new clutch and working seat heaters.

    And I see Viggens popping up for seven to eight grand all the time.

  7. Yea, spg is different state of mind than 9k aero and viggen.

    Matt, what kinda mileage did it have? You’re one of the lucky few who has one :). If I had one, it sure wouldn’t be up for sale. Everytime I see a good aero for sale, its sold by the time I email the seller!

    I see a Vig wit 120k miles for 8-9 thousand, but i am really weary about mid-> high mileage viggens. I am looking closer to 50-70k miles. For around 15k dollars. Maybe I shouldnt be aiming so high?

  8. She’s got 140K miles on the clock. Not exactly low mileage, but still young all the same compared to my buddy’s convertible. 385K on that one.
    I’d like to think I’m pretty lucky, what with getting an Aero that cheap, and picking up a B Motor 900 for free.

    The majority of the Viggens I see in that price range typically have about 70K to 100K on them. And you’re right, I’d be wary of a higher mileage Viggen as well, but the B235 engine is so stout that there’s not much damage you could do to it unless you drained the oil and drove it until it seized.

  9. I wish I had the same optimism you have Matt, with Viggens. I baby my cars, and anything less from another driver is usually gets classified as ‘molested’ in my mind.

    How is the aero running? I may very well end up with a 9k aero considering they cost about half of the Viggens I’m looking at, and are waay sleeper and utilitarian. I adore those seats…

  10. Haha, maybe it’s just fanaticism. Every time I see a Saab that I don’t have, I go into “I GOTTA HAVE IT!” mode.
    But all in all, when you get down to it, they’re really just a bunch of nuts and bolts holding a bunch of metal chunks together, so whatever’s wrong with it can be fixed. Like those muscle car guys, they find completely rotten Chevy Novas from 1970 and turn it into something ten times better than the car that left the factory.
    As long as you’ve got the drive and the time, you can turn something like this:
    Into something like this:

    The Aero is running fantastically, with the exception of a finicky APC solenoid causing it to under boost, but that’s just a quick, 30 second fix.
    The guy I bought it from got it from a guy who used to drive it from Maine to Florida a few times a year without problems until a couple months ago, when the transmission seemingly stopped working.
    He dumped it off on one of the techs at the dealer for $400. Turned out the bolt came out of the shift shaft. He was going to use it as a loaner for his side business, but I made him an offer and drove it home.

  11. Matt and Saaboy,
    Good discussion taking place here. My 9000 Aero gets 22 mpg (US gallons) in town (It’s not flat where I live) and 30 mpg at 70 mph. It’s a 5-speed, with 81K miles. I don’t even want to think about having to replace it someday. I just hope that day is a long way off.

    I’d even consider a 9-5 Aero wagon. ’04-’05 with those beautiful BBS wheels. That’s a sleeper too!

    Alright, back to work.


  12. Matt, I agree with you and that would be true if I lived in USA or some other “normal” country, but I live in a small country called Serbia so there is tons of issues (like lousy paid jobs, rarity of Saabs, I think that there is no Viggens here,) to take into account. All is not lost, I must say. 🙂 I expect a normal job within couple of months and I got one 9000 Aero in my sight. 🙂

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