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The month of Saab 99 love is almost at an end, so I thought it might be a good thing to show a spots on the intertubes where you get some more info on one of the most quintessential Saab models ever – the 99.

The 99 dynasty saw Saab’s first 4-door sedan variant, the birth of the combi coupe hatch and the introduction of the turbo. Not a bad history, that.

So, the links…


First up, all the info and pictures from the month of Saab 99 loving right here on TS can be found by clicking on the following:

Saab 99 at Trollhattan Saab


The Saab 99 Website is a site from Australia, incorporating a register of Australian owned 99s. There’s also a 99 forum, gallery and some handy links. The site is run by Brendan B in NSW, and he has a great black 99T and a silver EMS.

The Saab 99 Website.


SaabCentral also has a good 99 owner’s forum with plenty of good advice available.

SaabCentral 99 forum


The Saab Museum online is a great resource for all Saab models, including the Saab 99. It has a basic history of the car, as well as a page for technical specs and model-year changes. The site is not affiliated with Saab.

Saab 99 at Saab Museum Online


The Saab 99 Tips page is run by Karl the Mechanic, though it hasn’t been updated in some time – the “what’s new” page was last updated in 2002! That doesn’t stop this being one of the most comprehensive 99 maintenance sites out there. There’s tips for all facets of the 99: exterior, interior, suspension and engine – with heaps of subsections under those headings

Saab 99 tips page


Saab 99 Klubben is a Swedish page and judging by the title I’d say it’s a Swedish Saab 99 Club (well, duh). You’ll have find your own way around there based on your knowledge of the language, but this gallery’s quite good.

There’s also this bumblebee 99.

Saab 99 Klubben

yellowblack99.JPG yelblk99int.JPG


The most complete book I’ve read on the development of the Saab 99 and 900 is STILL this book by Lance Cole. Funnily enough, it’s called Saab 99 and 900: The Complete Story.

Saab 99 & 900 at



Elkparts have a number of replacement parts for the Saab 99, including the seat refurbishing kit I could have used a few years ago.

Saab 99 at Elkparts


Bonne’s Saab 99 EMS page is a Dutch page dedicated to the Saab EMS. Plenty of pictures, a VIN decoder and a great 99 EMS history section in English.

Bonne’s Saab 99 EMS pages


Saab 99 Informationen is a page maintained by a German Saab enthusiast, Andrei W. It’s a site written in German but has plenty of 99 information, including a great gallery section organised by year so you can see the progress of the model from 1968 through to model’s end in 1984.

Saab 99 Informationen


Svenska SaabKlubben has a body colors page, including sections for each vintage Saab model. You click on the body color your interested in and the site generates a color swatch on the screen.

SaabKlubben colors page

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  1. Sometimes I find that i like the 99 look slightly more than the c900… The cover on Lance Cole’s book is great!

  2. Lance Cole’s book is the most definitive on either car for a simple reason: you can’t have a truly complete story of the 99 without the 900, and you can’t have a truly complete story of the 900 without the 99.

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