Saab Ambassadors

The recent article on the Saab dealer in Germany that opened it’s own E85 pump featured a photo that included “Saab Ambassador” Monica Lierhaus. And a fine Saab Ambassador she appears to be.


Lierhaus is a sports journalist in Germany…..and she was born in 1970, just like yours truly.

But checking out foxy Saab Ambassadors isn’t the purpose of this post.

The question I’m wondering is: How many of these Saab Ambassadors are there? Does your country have one? Saab usually wheel them out to corporate events to look cool and connected. They might do the occasional article on them in Saab Magazines, too.

Australia has a Saab Ambassador. She’s an actress named Sigrid Thornton. She’s probably completely unknown outside Australia but very popular indeed here in Oz, having appeared in some of our most-loved movies and TV series.


Prior to Sigrid becoming a Saab Ambassador, the post was held by another Australian actress, Rebecca Gibney.


So, has your country got a Saab Ambassador and if so, who is it? Of course, there’s the eternal global Ambassador, Mr Saab – Erik Carlsson. But does your national Saab entity also have a Saab Ambassador?

And if Sweden hasn’t got one, may I suggest Princess Madeleine?

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  1. The TV show… 🙂 And it started way back in like 86 or something, didn’t it? There is a rerun of it on one of the channels in Sweden now. Ah, memories… It was very popular in Sweden. Stuff from Australia and New Zealand usually are. I remember something called The Flying Kiwi…

  2. Sigrid Thornton is actually well known here in Norway through several years :). And tonite it is the Australian must see ‘Stingers’ on the major norwegian TV channel NRK1. Off course without Sigrid Thornton and SAAB ;/). Have a nice weekend all!

  3. I think I read somewhere that princess Madeleine drive a Lexus SUV…. so she’s not even close…but she is very very easy on the eyes… 😉

  4. “But checking out foxy Saab Ambassadors isn’t the purpose of this post.”

    Right. And I’ve got swampland in Alice Springs that I’d like to sell you.

    In my extensive 5-minute search of the internet, I find no mention of a US Saab Ambassador(ette). However, I’m happy to nominate Leah Rimini, who looks great in front of the 9-7x and has wit; Danica Patrick, who looks great and has tight automotive cred; and Tina Fey, who is both hot and smart.

    Of course, I’ll leave others to opine Heather.

  5. Saab ambassadors? Much more important than we are willing to recognize. In the USA we need the blessing of a celebrity or two … a respected athlete to start with. We all know the cars are great – The rest is about marketing.

  6. Norway actually has a nice (female) Saab-ambassador. Åse Kleveland – she is a former politician (minister of culture) and singer. Although she is born in sweden, she is half norwegian, and lives in Norway. She drives a Saab Sonett, and has often posed in front of it in newspapers and such. Almost every article about her mentions the Saab.

  7. So how do I find John Minos these days in NYC? I bought a SAAB from him a few years ago and am looking for another. Is he still around?

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