Saab BioPower Recall

News in from Sweden that Saab are recalling around 8,500 BioPower vehicles in order to replace the fuel pump.

As you know, the Saab BioPower vehicles have a number of parts in the fuel system that are different to the regular gasoline driven vehicle. These include the tank, fuel lines, valves and valve seats. You can now add the fuel pump to that list.

Saab have had to replace a number of fuel pumps for BioPower customers….obviously enough to consider this problem a fault with the car and issue the recall. Saab have said that there’s little danger invilved with the fault, but normal operation will be disturbed and eventually the pump may fail all together.

The recall involves around 2500 cars from MY 2005 and around 6,000 cars from MY2006. Letters are being sent to customers.

The recall is expected to cost Saab around 50 million kronor.


Thanks to ctm for the heads-up

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  1. Eh, I’m not surprised. Every car has a recall or two, I’m sure they just tried getting away with using the same fuel pumps.

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