Saab Geneva Videos

These four videos will give you an insight to Saab’s presence at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

These are the YouTube postings, but if you want to view them with the clarity that nature intended, go and download them from the Saab Global site. The iPod sized clips are 9MB each and you don’t need an iPod to play them, just Quicktime installed on your machine.


Clip 1 – A look at the Saab stand


Clip 2 – 60 Years: UrSaab and Aero-X

The audio seems a little compromised on this one. On the version I downloaded from Saab Global it’s perfect, so I’d recommend doing that.


Clip 3 – Saab 9-3 Biopower

The audio seems to be a little compromised on this one, too. See the Saab Global version at the link above for better pictures and audio.


Clip 4 – Saab BioPower100

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  1. On clip #2 Gunilla Gustavs, Manager Saab Product Communications, claims that the Aero X has an engine in it with 400 horsepower using ‘pure ethanol’. Didn’t we hear that it had a smaller engine used only to transport the vehicle?
    Where is this 400 HP engine coming from?

  2. DN,

    It’s a conceptual, computer designed engine. The actual concept car just needs to be moved from here to there for Auto shows. Same with most concepts. They’re just shells.

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