Saab Motorsport 2007

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and that means race teams in North America and Sweden are firing up the heaters in the sheds and getting the cars ready for the coming race seasons.

Motorsport is the cradle of vehicle development and I’m pleased to say that Saab are still in there at least at a grass roots level. You know, it was only five short years ago that a Saab Viggen driven by Per Eklund won an Unlimited Class victory at Pikes Peak.

Last year I covered Swede Team Motor all season and as long as they’re running cars this year I’ll be doing it all again in 2007. STM race in the SLC Racing Series, which will comprise six race meetings this year, starting late April at Mantorp Park.

Last year, STM took second in class for the Long Distance Cup (3hr races) as well as the National Championship. They also took out first in class for the Shell Helix Endurance Trophy (6-9 hour races).

If all has gone to plan, they should be running a full competitive season with their E85-powered V6 9-3.


I’m also planning to cover, for the first time, the 2007 season for JL Racing.

JL Racing come out of Ontario, Canada and enjoy some support from Saab Canada. I’d tell you about their 2006 season but I can’t find anything written, only a stuttery video entry.

Note to JL – Youtube allows you to have video hosted. The quality ain’t so good but it allows for the user to buffer the video and watch it uninterrupted. And it uses Google’s bandwidth, not yours.

What I can tell you is that they’re racing in the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs (CASC) Ontario Touring Car GT Series. They’ll be running two cars and the series starts in May at the Mosport International Raceway.

Anyway, JL Racing recently had their 2007 launch, and as part of their partnership with Saab Canada they displayed their racing 9-3 at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.




My thanks to Gary Grant of the Garage Blog for the photos


If you’re part of a race team, or know of another Saab race team that’s running this season then I’ll be happy to report the progress. Just let me know via email and we’ll set it up.


  1. I really like how the Swede Team Racing car in the picture is painted to look like a SAAB Gripen fighter. Even has the little tri-kronor emblem on the door!

    The car in the picture is obviously a diesel (I’m good, huh?) so does this mean the team’s dumping the diesel in favor of the E85 model?

  2. Wait a minute: that says “E85 powered V6 9-3”. This must be a custom jobber as SAAB has not officially released such a car. The biggest 9-3 BioPower one can go out and buy (soon… in Sweden…) is the 1.8-liter inline-4-cylinder model!

    I wonder what the hp/torque output on an E85 2.8-liter V6 Aero model would be?

  3. If you just do +20% (the 9-5 2.0 gains about 20% from the Biopower fuel) on 250hp you get about 300. But my guess is that they get at -least- 350 from that engine probably upwards 400.

  4. I don’t know how he does it, but Per Eklund got 750 bhp out of his Pike’s Peak SAAB Viggen, and 550 bhp/800 Nm torque out of his Rallycross car! That’s on gasoline. I would imagine running on ethanol it’d be even more!

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