Saab Website updates

Another Saab forum joining the throng in the sidebar.

We’ve already marveled at the size of the Dutch Saab Clubs before (and a beautiful 1984 Saab 99 therein). This site isn’t a strict relative, but it’s quite possibly close. is a Dutch Saab Forum with close to 4,000 registered users.

if you like Saabs and are partial to going nuts whilst wearing orange, then might be a place for you to check out.


Canuck Saabers might also want to check out the redesigned Saab Owners Club of Canada website. It looks like some serious time has gone into updating this site so if you’re a Canadian and you’re looking for somewhere Saaby to hang out (and you’re all done here…) then go pay them a visit, drop them a line and if you’re not a member then check it out.

Car club life’s a great thing.


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