Salfa Romeaab

Like many of you, I’m a Top Gear junkie. When I received an email through last week with this photo in it, I was fascinated.


For those of you completely in the dark here, it seems the lads at Top Gear had a challenge on last week’s episode where they each had to build a stretch limo. James May chose to use two cars for his, one of which was a Saab 9000.

We’re about a year behind here in Australia, so I’m forced to get my current Top Gear fix via YouTube. If you, too, have your interest piqued by this photo, then you can click below to see the end result, though I fear this clip has missed a lot of preliminary work that went on to get to this point and it looks like it finishes prematurely, too.

You’ve been warned.

James May has also written a column in the Telegraph that expands his thoughts on the Salfa Romeaab and he makes some very good practical points in there.

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  1. Someone owes me a new keyboard, I spit my soda out my nose watching that clip.
    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I wish they still had Top Gear in the States.

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