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I’ve had a few emails requesting a progress meter for the Send Swade to Sweden fund. I’ll have to work up an appropriately eccentric graphic, but for the moment a written update will have to do.

There’s no official goal for this, but the airfare alone is likely to cost a shade over A$2,000. Then there’s all the other stuff that goes with a trip like this.

Thanks to generosity and thoughtfulness of contributors so far, the fund now stands at A$775, which is a fantastic achievement.

If you’d like to contribute, click here for the official begging page, which includes a link to the donations button. Donations are via Paypal and you can use either your own PayPal account or credit card.


I stumbled accross a blog I haven’t seen before, called David Report. It’s a design-focused blog from Sweden in English and today David’s talking about Saab. He’s covering a Dagens Industri report on Brian Nesbitt, who makes him nervous because of his connections with the PT Cruiser and his current responsibility that puts Saab (partially) under his wing.

An interesting point here:

Design has always been important for Saab. To me it is a mystery why Saab doesn’t try to grab and own the category of “design” in the car industry. The design category is still vacant and would give Saab a strong identity side by side with those of “safety” for Volvo, “driving” for BMW, “luxury” for Lexus and “reliable” for Toyota. Today Saab as a brand is somewhat suffering inside the GM family and a stronger identity based on Scandinavian aesthetics could verify the position of Saab in the premium segment.

I totally agree, though I wouldn’t want to see a reduced focus on engineering or turbocharging as a result.


The Bangkok Post is covering the greener vehicles from the Geneva Motor Show, though they’re even worse placed than Australia in terms of actually getting some of these vehicles. At least Oz has some diesel infrastructure.

– Import duties are still high in Thailand, making hybrid-powered cars unattractive in Thailand – unless there are special tax breaks to lower retail prices.

– Mazda is planning to assemble the 2 (including the Ford) in Thailand, and sales could start in less than a year. The Twingo? Renault isn’t back yet. Perhaps, in the guise of a Nissan – with Ecocar privileges.

– E100 in Thailand? Don’t even talk about E85, or E20 that Ford is pushing for. Even the current E10 is having supply problems and consumer misconceptions.

– Sales of any diesel could start in Thailand, if the brands find enough demand for them – and they should eventually come within the next five years.


Six months ago, Carlos Ghosn wanted to add GM to the other two car companies he runs.

Now he’s abdicating responsibility for the biggest arm of one of them.

Yeah, Kirk, I’m sure it would have worked out JUST FINE.

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  1. 2006 Aero Convertible Nav System Defect.

    Please help me understand why my “Nav” system doesn’t tell me where I am. It fails to display street names as I drive by them. (Although it will when parked!). My $5.00 map does juat the same. Is there a fix to rectify this defect ? 2007 models work fine but its a redesigned touchscreen unit.


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