So you think you’re hardcore….part ???

I’ve done a few a few hardcore entries here before, including people with huge car collections or people who travel huge distances for Saab services.

This is someone who has taken hardcore to another level.


9Motors is a vehicle trader in California and whilst they sell all sorts the owners seem to have a particular penchant for Saabs. There’s two uys involved at 9Motors – Pete and Al.

It’s a little hard to tell from the website, but I believe it’s Al talking here:

So you ask, exactly how obsessed am I with Saabs? Well, other than getting goose bumps when I see/wave at other clean older Saabs & trying to guess the exact year/specs…

…After months of pleading with my wife, I prevailed. Our first baby, Isaac Viggen Bostonmaer, is named after one of his daddy’s favorite Saabs. Born April 15, 2004. (Tax day) My wife & I welcome the newest Saab Enthusiast to our family. Actually I’m still trying to get my wife to drive a Saab. I figure if our son is on my side, I’ll have a better chance.

Benjamin Griffin Bostonmaer, born November 15, 2005. Not wanting our second child to feel left out of the Saab equation, Griffin was the natural choice.

Naming your kids after Saabs?

Now THAT is hardcore…


Thanks, Ivan

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  1. There is nothing wrong with Griffin/en! But once the child finds out his middle name was from a certain trim of car, which I’m afraid saab will never show again, that might agitate him? Who knows…

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