SRT going, going…..

I don’t know how many of you have ever visited there, but I’m considering giving the Saab Road Tests site, a small sister site to this one, the axe.

There’s several reasons:

1) First and foremost, it doesn’t seem to be achieving it’s goal. It was set up to house all the road test information from this site, as well as recording all covered road test text in full for the benefit of people searching for Saab road tests. Stats for the site indicate that most of the visitors to SRT are coming from here, rather than from search engines, so it’s not meeting that market.

2) I have a road tests category here and all road tests covered on SRT are initially covered here. The low search results are quite likely due to the duplicate content on both sites.

3) Given that it’s not meeting it’s market, all it’s doing is costing me time and funds. The costs for running TrollhattanSaab will increase shortly due to the traffic increases necessitating a new server. I exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance for March yesterday and there’s still around 14 days to go for the month.


Does anyone have any advice on how I can set this up any better? I still think it might be a valuable service, but it’s not working in it’s current format and I have limited time and resources to commit to something that’s only got a marginal chance of helping people out.

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  1. When you mentioned exceeding bandwidth, the first thought that came to mind was that your pages are very long with a lot of photos. I love the photos, so don’t change that. I would suggest that you reduce the number of days that load. I don’t need to see the whole weeks worth of posts because I come here every day. You can link previous pages at the bottom like Autoblog does.

  2. SRT? What? I thought this was Saab.

    brians idea seems good.

    I have actually visited the SRT site and looked around, but if they’re all published here, then maybe another category on the right column might be better than a whole ‘nother site?

    It’s still a great resource though.

  3. Brian,

    Advice taken. I’ve changed the default number of articles on the front page to 8, down from the 12 that were shown previously.

    I’ve just been chatting with my site host, and charges will go up 50% next month. It’s a pretty small base so it’s not that much in dollar terms, but the increased bandwidth and reduced content on the front page should see me stay within budget for at least the next 6 months.

    Nice problem to have, though.

    And Saab Road Tests has just had it’s plug pulled.

    As Stephen King once wrote, sometimes you have to kill your babies.

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