Sunday Night Snippets

We’re now officially out of fun time, having changed back to standard time this weekend following the end of summer a few weeks ago.

I hate it being dark when I get home from work.

So, I’ve got to try and adjust the times that I write and you folks might have to get used to posts being made at different times, too. Bummer.


It looks like Volvo do their testing in the same spots as Saab. I swear this road looks exactly like the one that recent Saab spyshots were taken on. Then again, it’s just a snowy road, right?

It also looks like the S40 will be getting some serious Groucho Marx treatment on the front bumpers.



I posted on people getting new cars a few days ago.

There’s no shots of these yet, but regular commenter and Saab Club of Oz el presidente AlAero has just picked up an OG9-3 Aero. He’s also just got engaged, too – so congratulations Alex!

In addition, Drew B informs me that he’s just added a 1992 900 Turbo to the family this weekend (family photo here). It’s likely going to be a fixer-upper-and-seller though. Most of the 91-93 Saab 900s here in Australia were 900i models with no turbo, so again, it’s another good find.


Given that it’s late and there’s little else to write about in a snippets format, I thought I’d show you these. I stumbled across them by accident a few days ago.

They’re a pair of photos I took around 5 years ago after I got my first SLR camera. I don’t use it anymore as it’s a film camera (remember them?), but I can’t wait to get my hands on a digital SLR and get back into some more photo stuff – one day!

These were both taken here in Hobart. One’s a night-time view over the city from the top of Mount Wellington and the other is a reflection shot of the Tasman Bridge taken on a particularly still night.





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  1. Swade, you will notice that there are lots of trees in sweden, and most of them look similar…. Probably more snow too than hobart…

  2. hi swade, it was so nice to see the clocks go forward, means summer has hit us in the UK (by date if not temp) looking forward to the longer day light hours…..

  3. Hi Swade,

    Just have to say that the S40 image HAS to be a photoshop montage… Look at those tyres and wheels. They don´t look authentic to that enviroment of snowy road at all to me… Might be wrong though…:)
    Anyway. If these pics come from the same place as the 9-3 ones… could those also be a hoax…? well ya never know and as I said: I´m probably wrong…
    Keep up the enormous work mate!
    Daniel from Sweden

  4. Daniel:

    There are any of a number of ways that the tires would look like that — especially in late winter/early spring as it is now. If the snow is packed and the temps are rising, the tires will just look wet.

    What I find less than realistic is that anyone would want a spy photo of a Volvo!

  5. Swade I’m sorry that you will have to cope with shorter days. I know how much I hate it and that is why I’m so happy that it is spring time here in Serbia. 🙂
    And those pics are fabulous.

    On that Volvo thing, LOL! 😀

  6. Hei Swade,
    This is fake picture of Volvo. If you look bit closer, there are no shadows. If you take picture from that angle there must be shadow under the car, behind the wheels. also, the wheels on the road should not be so round on the bottom side. there are some more details which tell that the background and the car are not from the same picture.

  7. Hi Swade,

    Don’t wait for an DSLR, even the compacts can get ok results if you muck around with manual settings and the “point” exposure. All the shots in my blog photo albums from about 2005 onwards are shot with a very modest 4mp Ixus with all the quality settings on max. Gets surprisingly good results if you are careful with the exposure meter spots.

  8. Robin, I don’t think I can achieve the level of control I want, nor the focal quality with a compact.

    The other problem is that our compact Nikon digi camera now has a broken battery cover, so is not long for this world. It’s the best I’ve got for the moment though. If only they did a film-to-digi conversion kit for SLR’s.

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