Swedes to cash in on BioPower

Some good news in from Sweden today.

The Swedish government is launching a scheme to encourage the uptake of greener motor vehicles, offering a 10,000SEK rebate on any purchases of environmentally friendly vehicles.

The scheme will run from April 1 this year to December 31, 2009.

The list of vehicles that may qualify is not defined in the article, but it is mentioned that both Saab and Volvo will benefit from the scheme.

The Swedish government have apparently set aside 250,000,000SEK for the scheme. My maths tells me that should fund 25,000 vehicles. With Saab offering a BioPower setup in both the 9-3 and 9-5 they’re very well placed to cash in big time.

With the scheme running for so long, it’ll be interesting to see if the funds set aside for it run dry, and if so, when.

Thanks to ctm and Carljohan for the tip.



ctm has tracked down the following criteria from Auto Motor & Sport:

– cars running on gasoline or diesel with carbon dioxide emission lower than 120 gram/km

– cars that can run on alternative fuel and do not have a fuel consumption higher than 0,92 litre gasoline or 0,84 litre diesel or 0,97 cubic meter gas per 10 km

– electric cars that is classified according to a standard (which I don’t know anything about) and that do not consume more than 0.37 kWh / 10 km.

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  1. It is extraordinary that I learn about this important news on TS before major Swedish newsfeeds have published anything about it. I will rush out a buy a new BioPower 9-5!

    Gert Svensson

  2. HI!

    This IS good news, I’ll propobly realy need to get a bit more green…

    Just fond an article in “Dagens Industri” that tells us about productions start of the new 9-5 in russelheim.
    “Carl-Peter Forster was speaking to an invited group of motor journalist. During this talk about opels he tells the crowd that the new 9-5 will be produced in russelheim next year, Jan-Åke does correct this by saying that production will start in 2009. This is one year before the new 9-3 model comes to market.”

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