Swedish 99 love

The unofficial month of 99 loving continues….

ctm has dropped in these artful shots of his first car – a 1984 Saab 99. Here’s the story:

The car is a two-door cherry-red Saab 99 GL 5-speed, MY84. It was my first car that I (well, my father…) bought in 1988. Only one previous owner and about 80.000 km. What a great car!

Lovely colour, superb seats, really nice gearbox, wonderful on the road. The only two drawbacks I remember: the heavy steering when driving in town (no servo), and the bad headlights. On the second picture you can see the extra lights (Bosch Profi) I had on it. The winters are long and dark in Sweden…

The first picture is taken in the summer of 1990 at my parents house way down south in Sweden. Judging from the fact that the sun is down below the neighbours house in the west, I think the picture is taken between 9 and 10 in the evening. The car is all washed up, polished up and ready to go out in the lovely Swedish summer night by the sea…

In the second picture, the car is parked at exactly the same spot as in the first picture. It’s November or December 1993. We got some early snow, and I took that one before it melted away later in the day.

I had the car for about 10 years, before my sister got it and I had another car from my father – a Volvo 360 GL… šŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m back to Saab again for the last three years, with a five-door steel-grey 9-3 SE, MY 01.





There’s got to be some more Swedish 99’s out there.

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