Swedish Sales Data – Feb 2007

The Swedes are as punctual as ever – sales data for February is in!

And it’s good news.

Saab sold 887 units of the 9-5 during February, which was a 5.59% rise over the 840 vehicles sold in February 06.

They also moved 781 units of the 9-3 during the month, which was a fall of 11.45% from the 882 units sold in February 2006.

Overall, sales are relatively steady with 1,668 this compared to 1,722 last year, a fall of 1.43%

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  1. Following on from ctm’s point is that 9-3 Biopower sales won’t register until customers take delivery. This means the 9-5 sales this month would consist of a high percentage of orders placed before the 9-3 announcement. Over the next couple of months I expect we will see the true effect on 9-5 sales. Saab have forseen the potential erosion which will be in part countered by the announcement of the higher powered 9-5.

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