Targa Tasmania 2007

Jeff emailed me and asked about driving conditions here in Tasmania.

Well, this video might give you some idea as to the fantastic driving we can enjoy here. The good thing about all these lovely twisty roads as they’re never far away. My home is only seven minutes drive from my office in downtown Hobart, but if I drive just 10 minutes in the opposite direction then I can be right out there and away from it all, winding my Viggen through some of the roads featured in this video.

What you’ll see below is a highlights package from Targa Tasmania 2006. ‘Targa’ is a tarmac rally held every year and whilst the cars you’ll see in this package are the higher end, big sponsor entries, there’s a real assortment of great machinery lining up for Targa every year.

It also features footage of the legendary Peter Brock (driving the Daytona coupe) in his last Targa Tasmania. He died later that year in a crash whilst participating in a similar event in Western Australia.

Two years ago, a mate of mine from Melbourne raced his Saab 99 Turbo in Targa. I’m not sure if there’ll be any Saab entries this year, but I’ll check that out shortly as Targa will be held in April.

Enjoy the video. This is where I live.

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  1. Nice video, beautiful roads and some cool cars. We have lots of the same type of roads here in Norway. In the video there actually is something SAAB related. If you take a closer look at the winning Porsche it seems to be that one of their sponsors is Scania. Even Scania and SAAB these days more or less only have parts of the logo in common, there is a link though…. ;/)

  2. Hey Swade, do you cus twice at that one section the wrx guys did? Hehe, video is great… Im glad the mini didnt cause any fatalities :)..

  3. Olav: there are more links than you maybe know of. 🙂

    In 1948, AB Scania-Vabis started the import of VW cars to Sweden. In 1969, SAAB-Scania AB was created and the VW importing business was renamed V.A.G. Sverige AB. I think the VW part was a subsidary under SAAB-Scania until 2002, when Volklswagen AG in Germany took over the business. Today you still see this in that VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Scania are often sold by the same dealers. It also means that Porsche and Saab was actually parts of the same company in Sweden for over two decades. 🙂

  4. CTM: thanks for interesting information. I didn’t knew that Scania-Vabis had so close relationship to VW earlier. Here in Norway VAG products are sold very seperately from the Scania dealers though. Have a nice Easter! 🙂

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