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If anyone’s got access to this article at Automotive News, I’d sure love to read it…..



Received via email and as I type this I notice it’s popped up comments, too.

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  1. I tried to log-in using BugMeNot, but the woman whose password is used by BugMeNot is not a paying subscriber, and the article requires a “premium” (paid) subscription to the site…

  2. This time of year is full of bright expectations.

    Spring is officially here, the sun’s warmth is returning to the Northern
    Hemisphere, and opening day of the baseball season is just days away.

    And it’s always just about this time of year that someone from Saab
    stands up and says, “We’re going to be profitable … soon.”

    As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I understand the bright promise of
    opening day — as well as the dejection of a late-summer swoon and the
    incantation: “Wait ’til next year.”

    There is always reason for hope, whether it’s a strong, young arm in the
    farm system or a big-bucks slugger signed as a free agent or even a new
    manager who has won the World Series with other teams.

    But it has been 99 years since the Cubs won the World Series.

    In that time, countless thousands of the devoted have been born, cheered
    passionately for the Cubs, led otherwise full, productive lives, then
    died before seeing the Promised Land. Heck, the last time the Cubs were
    even in the World Series was the year World War II ended.

    That was before I was born, by the way.

    Fourth Great Lie

    Forgive me if I think of the Promise of Saab Profitability in the same

    It’s just that I’ve heard it for so long I’m ready to nominate it as the
    Fourth Great Lie. I remember when the 9-7X, the dressed-up Chevy
    TrailBlazer, was just what Saab needed to turn the corner. And I heard
    the same bright hopes for the Saabaru, also known as the 9-2X, which is
    a version of the Subaru Impreza.

    But I’m still waiting.

    Since General Motors acquired Saab in 1999, it’s estimated that the
    quirky Swedish automaker has lost some 750 million euros, which is about
    $1 billion at current exchange rates.

    But two weeks ago in Geneva, Carl-Peter Forster, who is chairman of Saab
    — and President of GM Europe — told a reporter from Automotive News
    Europe that Saab will be profitable by the end of the decade.


    A new park

    Sales are growing at a clip of about 10 percent a year. The Saab lineup
    will get a new 9-3 and a refreshed 9-5 in the next year and a half. But
    the cleanup hitter — the slugger — will be a “tailor-made” SUV. And by
    the end of the decade, they will be playing in a new park: Saabs will be
    built in Germany, not Sweden.

    There is always reason for hope.

    I wonder how you say, “Wait ’til next year” in Swedish?


    I wonder how you say “get %#$!^& in Swedish?

  3. I don’t know how influential this “magazine” is, but it’s telling that they choose to print a commentary piece based on no “news” on their front page. What exacerbated this opinion piece, a statement from SAAB two weeks ago? Must be a slow news day.

    Further, I see on their webpage the following headline, “Gore: don’t single-out cars and trucks to solve global warming”. So they’re apparently trying to let automobiles off the hook for their global warming contributions? Out of what was a long hearing in Congress today they chose to hone-in on this point?

  4. What drivel. Even if true, it’s a non-story in the face of GM, Ford, DCX problems. Ditto the past troubles of Jaguar, Mini, Audi, Nissan, Daewoo, etc.

    This is simply someone who needed to fill his column and he chose to do so with glib generalities. Nothing more.

    Sort of a literary bowl of plain oatmeal — filling, but doesn’t taste like much.

  5. I can tell you Automotive news is a major automotive publication in the USA and Europe. They are own ed by the same parent company that publishs Autoweek. Ed Lapham is a well respected journalist. He does make some valid points. Saab has never been profitable under GM, despite claims they “will be”. I think this is more of a knock on GM than Saab.

  6. What utter drivel and hogwash! Perhaps he should go and speak to Carl Ghosn and figure out why journalists have even penned a book titled: Turn Around, to understand the nuances of the automotive industry. What a moron. In my local language (Otjiherero) we would have said “twende ku kamusatana.” Literally translated – “go to hell.”

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