The best 99T I’ve ever seen….

The month of Saab 99 lovin kicks off on a high.

I took a ride in this 99T last year. I was in Sydney for the Australian International Motor Show and I caught up with a few members of the Saab Car Club of Australia (and Richo, who’s too lazy-arsed to join) for dinner.

We met at Simon A’s place and knowing my affection for the 99T, Simon offered me a ride to the restaurant in his magnificent Cardinal Red 99.

This car is absolutely pristine and without doubt the most solid 99 I’ve ever had the pleasure to take a ride in. It was as close as I could imagine to how these cars were when they were first released and 20 minutes in this car provided me with some of the best Saab memories in my years with the brand.

Since then, Simon’s added a new water injection kit, boosting performance by around 20hp and torque by around 20Nm. The clear indicator lenses are also new and look sensational.

If anyone you know has a 99 Turbo and you haven’t spent some time in it yet, I’d strongly recommend that you do. This model is a true icon in Saab’s history and it’s a credit to Simon to see one in such good condition.

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  1. Wait until you see mine. His 99 T is the “before” picture. Mine is the 204,527 miles “after” picture.

  2. If you’re interested in posting an article entitled “The Worst 99T I’ve Ever Seen”, I can supply text and photos!


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