The Drew B Collection

I need to put this collection in some kind of context for you first before I show you the picture.

Drew B lives about 15 kilometers from my place. We both live on an island south of mainland Australia, called Tasmania. As far as I know, only New Zealand is further away from Sweden.

Have a look at the map (click to enlarge). The red snowflake is southern Sweden and the toe of the tick is Tasmania.


As you can see, a Saab has to undertake a fair journey to get from there to here. So it’s very fortunate that a little place like Tasmania has such a dedicated and meticulous collector.

Here’s a montage of the collection, which you can supersize with a click.


The great thing about Drew’s collection is that it consists entirely of pretty rare cars.

The two Saab 95s, for example, make up 40% of the known population of Saab 95s here in Australia.

The 1971 Saab 99 is a silver bumper model, again quite rare here in Australia and given the propensity for European vehicles of this age to rust due to years of road salt, it’s possibly quite rare in world terms, too

The Saab 96 is one of the last 150 made for the UK market, a Souvenir Edition model and it’s believed that there were only 16 examples of the 900 T16S brought into Australia.

The 9000 Airflow is as close to a daily driver as this collection gets and it’s going up for sale quite soon – obviously not exclusive enough for this company!

Like I said, it’s a fantastic collection – especially given our remote location. And Drew’s a great pair of hands to have these cars in as he’s very, very fussy and skilled enough to satisfy his own fussiness.

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  1. swade, you’re right about tasmania being about as far away from sweden as you can get. The antipode of trollhattan is southeast of tasmania quite a ways, out in the middle of the southern ocean, not much out there I guess.

  2. It is an impressive collection.

    FWIW, the antipode for Minneapolis is in the eastern Indian Ocean, about 1500 miles southwest of Perth.

    Are there many Saabs in Perth?

  3. Swade, I always wanted to know something.

    First we have Australia, and Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra is on the side of that continent that is as far away from Europe and England as possible.

    Then we have Tasmania, and Hobart is on the side that is as far away from the rest of Australia as possible.

    Don’t you like other people down there? 🙂

  4. You have to remember, ctm, we’re all descended from convicts. It more a case of everyone wanting to be as far away from US as possible.

    I’ve never visited Western Australia, but the eastern site has a lot more vegetation. I think that’s why it was a better side to settle on. it’s also the side that was discovered first.

  5. Sorry, I made that look like US – as in the United States. I just meant “us” in capital letters. i.e. everyone wanted to be far away from we convicts.

    But to answer your question, yes, we have much stronger bonds with the UK. Our culture is traditionally more similar as is our sense of humour and sporting heritage (it’s a cricket thing).

  6. Interesting to hear. A soon as there is a different opinion between Australia and England, they always make a big thing out of it in Swedish media. Don’t really know why.

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