Things that I’m not sure I’d do to a Sonett

Things I’m not sure I’d do to a Sonett – part 1

I’m not sure that I’d take a classic and quite rare Sonett II, remove the rear window and paint pink racing stripes on it. Then again if my name was Rebecca then maybe the pink stripes wouldn’t be so bad…

Thanks to Randall for the pics.





Things I’m not sure I’d do to a Sonett – part 2

I’d be tempted, but I’m not sure I’d want to do what he’s done to the hood.

I’m not sure what’s inside this green monster, but I’ve emailed the guy to ask. It sounds quite a bit bigger, but the guy’s name is JohnnyV4…

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  1. It looks almost like one of those cars that the Top Gear team had to drive through the state of Alabama without getting shot at… 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lumpy cam, possibly a SS&R version. Then again, the carb adjustments might just be up to shit!

    Who knows? Who cares!


  3. Swade,

    Perhaps the girl who owned it gave it the name Rebecca…?

    I should have found out more about it…it had Oregon plates but was chillin’ here in Utah.

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