Those tail lamps – again

OK, they’re not quite so good in the flesh as they are in the studio photos (cgi’s??). Those little bits of red poking thought aren’t quite the pure-ice look…..

But they’re still pretty darn cool.

This shot is from the Geneva Motor Show website.


I really think Hirsch should look into offering these if they’re legal. They won’t look great on all color 9-5s but they’d look grrrrrrreat on the ones they suited.

Thanks Ketil.

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  1. The lamps may look clear from a certain angle in certain light conditions – so, I think the photo was real, and photo studio found a good view and enlighting.

  2. I’m not sure those lamp covers are legal here in the US.
    I really like the dual exhaust tips & how they’re integrated with the rear bumper – SHARP!

  3. J,
    Don’t worry, it’s not in production. 🙂
    Just like those confusing US lights (turning light same red color than stop and tailight) are not legal in our country – after all some US-car fan people still use them…

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